Here are lists and RSS feeds for most City of Austin Boards and Commissions. The City uses a system of PDF documents that can make it hard to browse quickly. This site attempts to them into text to make it easy to follow what's happening in Austin.

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Upcoming meetings

Regular Meeting of the Planning Commission
Regular Meeting of the Building and Fire Code Board of Appeals
Regular Meeting of the Ethics Review Commission
Regular Meeting of the Joint Inclusion Committee - Hybrid Meeting Format: in-person at the PDC on 6310 Wilhelmina Delco Dr, Austin, 78752 RM# 1203 and Virtual/Online participation via WebEx
Board or Commission Homepage Latest Data RSS
2018 Charter Review Commission Homepage 2018-03-05
African American Resource Advisory Commission Homepage 2024-02-06
Airport Advisory Commission Homepage 2024-01-10
Airport Boulevard Advisory Group Homepage 2012-06-27
Animal Advisory Commission Homepage 2024-01-08
Anti-Displacement Task Force Homepage 2018-06-04
Applicant Review Panel Homepage 2020-11-20
Aquatic Master Plan Task Force Homepage 2018-02-01
Arts Commission Homepage 2024-04-15
Asian American Quality of Life Advisory Commission Homepage 2024-01-16
Austin Energy Low Income Customer Advocates Homepage 2014-01-15
Austin Generation Resource Planning Task Force Homepage 2014-05-28
Austin Integrated Water Resource Planning Community Task Force Homepage 2024-01-09
Austin Travis County EMS Advisory Board Homepage 2021-02-03
Austin Travis County Food Policy Board Homepage 2024-01-08
Austin Travis County Integral Care Board of Trustees Homepage 2013-05-30
Austin Water Resource Planning Task Force Homepage 2014-05-27
Board of Adjustment Homepage 2024-01-08
Boards and Commissions Transition Taskforce Homepage 2014-04-02
Bond Election Advisory Task Force Homepage 2018-01-11
Bond Oversight Commission Homepage 2024-01-17
Building and Fire Code Board of Appeals Homepage 2024-02-21
Building and Standards Commission Homepage 2024-01-24
Central Health Board of Managers Homepage
City Manager Search Advisory Task Force Homepage 2017-06-12
Codes and Ordinances Joint Committee Homepage 2024-02-21
College Student Commission Homepage 2024-02-23
Commission for Women Homepage 2024-01-10
Commission on Immigrant Affairs Homepage 2024-02-05
Commission on Seniors Homepage 2024-02-14
Commission on Veterans Affairs Homepage 2024-01-17
Community Development Commission Homepage 2024-01-09
Community Technology and Telecommunications Commission Homepage 2024-03-26
Comprehensive Plan Citizens Advisory Task Force Homepage 2012-01-10
Comprehensive Plan Joint Committee Homepage 2024-01-10
Construction Advisory Committee Homepage 2024-01-09
Design Commission Homepage 2024-02-26
Downtown Austin Community Court Advisory Board Homepage 2024-01-19
Downtown Commission Homepage 2024-01-17
Early Childhood Council Homepage 2024-01-10
Economic Prosperity Commission Homepage 2024-02-21
Electric Board Homepage 2024-03-20
Electric Utility Commission Homepage 2024-01-22
Environmental Commission Homepage 2024-03-28
Ethics Review Commission Homepage 2024-02-28
Firefighters', Police Officers' and EMS Civil Service Commission Homepage 2024-01-18
Flood Mitigation Task Force Homepage 2016-05-04
HIV Planning Council Homepage 2024-06-24
Hispanic/Latino Quality of Life Resource Advisory Commission Homepage 2024-01-23
Historic Landmark Commission Homepage 2024-06-12
Housing Authority of the City of Austin Homepage 2024-04-18
Human Rights Commission Homepage 2024-01-22
Impact Fee Advisory Committee Homepage 2024-01-10
Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission Homepage 2023-09-13
Joint Cultural Committee Homepage
Joint Inclusion Committee Homepage 2024-01-24
Joint Sustainability Committee Homepage 2024-02-28
LGBTQ Quality of Life Advisory Commission Homepage 2024-01-08
Lake Austin Task Force Homepage 2013-04-08
Land Development Code Advisory Group Homepage 2017-04-08
Library Commission Homepage 2024-01-29
Low Income Consumer Advisory Task Force Homepage 2015-06-19
MBEWBE/Small Business Enterprise Procurement Program Advisory Committee Homepage 2024-01-09
Mayor's Committee for People with Disabilities Homepage 2024-01-12
Mechanical and Plumbing Board Homepage 2024-01-23
Mexican American Cultural Center Advisory Board Homepage 2024-01-10
Municipal Civil Service Commission Homepage 2024-03-25
Music Commission Homepage 2024-01-08
Parkland Events Task Force Homepage 2016-08-02
Parks and Recreation Board Homepage 2024-03-27
Planning Commission Homepage 2024-04-23
Public Safety Commission Homepage 2024-01-08
Residential Design and Compatibility Commission Homepage 2015-01-07
Resource Management Commission Homepage 2024-02-20
Robert Mueller Municipal Airport Plan Implementation Advisory Commission Homepage 2024-01-09
Sign Review Board Homepage 2015-01-12
Small Area Planning Joint Committee Homepage 2024-02-07
South Central Waterfront Advisory Board Homepage 2024-01-18
Special Events Task Force Homepage 2022-02-16
Task Force on Community Engagement Homepage 2016-01-14
Task Force on Gun Violence Homepage
Tourism Commission Homepage 2024-03-13
Travis Central Appraisal District Board of Directors Homepage
Urban Forestry Board Homepage 2015-01-28
Urban Renewal Board Homepage 2024-01-29
Urban Transportation Commission Homepage 2024-02-06
Visitor Impact Task Force Homepage 2017-03-14
Water and Wastewater Commission Homepage 2024-02-14
Waterfront Planning Advisory Board Homepage 2015-01-12
Zero Waste Advisory Commission Homepage 2024-02-07
Zoning and Platting Commission Homepage 2024-04-02