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Board or Commission Latest Data RSS
African American Resource Advisory Commission 2017-01-10
Airport Advisory Commission 2017-01-10
Airport Boulevard Advisory Group 2012-06-27
Animal Advisory Commission 2017-01-09
Applicant Review Panel 2013-03-15
Arts Commission 2017-02-06
Asian American Quality of Life Advisory Commission 2017-01-17
Austin Area Comprehensive HIV Planning Council 2017-02-21
Austin Energy Low Income Customer Advocates 2014-01-15
Austin Generation Resource Planning Task Force 2014-05-28
Austin Integrated Water Resource Planning Community Task Force 2017-01-17
Austin-Travis County EMS Advisory Board 2017-02-01
Austin Travis County Integral Care Board of Trustees 2013-05-30
Austin Water Resource Planning Task Force 2014-05-27
Board of Adjustment 2017-01-09
Boards and Commissions Transition Taskforce 2014-04-02
Bond Oversight Commission 2017-01-18
Building and Fire Code Board of Appeals 2017-04-26
Building and Standards Commission 2017-01-25
Central Health Board of Managers
Commission for Women 2017-01-11
Commission on Immigrant Affairs 2017-01-09
Commission on Seniors 2017-01-11
Commission on Veterans Affairs 2017-01-09
Community Development Commission 2017-01-10
Community Technology and Telecommunications Commission 2017-01-11
Comprehensive Plan Citizens Advisory Task Force 2012-01-10
Construction Advisory Committee 2017-02-21
Design Commission 2017-01-23
Downtown Austin Community Court Advisory Committee 2017-01-20
Downtown Commission 2017-01-18
Early Childhood Council 2017-02-08
Economic Prosperity Commission 2017-01-18
Electric Board 2017-04-19
Electric Utility Commission 2017-01-23
Environmental Commission 2017-04-05
Ethics Review Commission 2017-01-11
Firefighters', Police Officers' and EMS Civil Service Commission 2017-01-17
Flood Mitigation Task Force 2016-05-04
Hispanic/Latino Quality of Life Resource Advisory Commission 2017-01-25
Historic Landmark Commission 2017-02-13
Housing Authority of the City of Austin 2017-03-09
Human Rights Commission 2017-01-23
Impact Fee Advisory Committee 2017-02-28
Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission 2016-01-21
Joint Cultural Committee
Joint Inclusion Committee
Joint Sustainability Committee
Lake Austin Task Force 2013-04-08
Land Development Code Advisory Group 2017-03-04
Library Commission 2017-01-25
Low Income Consumer Advisory Task Force 2015-06-19
Mayor's Committee for People with Disabilities 2017-02-10
MBEWBE/Small Business Enterprise Procurement Program Advisory Committee 2017-02-07
Mechanical, Plumbing and Solar Board 2017-01-24
Mexican American Cultural Center Advisory Board 2017-01-18
Municipal Civil Service Commission 2017-04-28
Music Commission 2017-01-09
Parkland Events Task Force 2016-08-02
Parks and Recreation Board 2017-02-14
Planning Commission 2017-03-07
Public Safety Commission 2017-01-03
Residential Design and Compatibility Commission 2015-01-07
Resource Management Commission 2017-02-21
Robert Mueller Municipal Airport Plan Implementation Advisory Commission 2017-01-10
Sign Review Board 2015-01-12
Small Area Planning Joint Committee 2017-04-05
Sustainable Food Policy Board 2017-02-13
Task Force on Community Engagement 2016-01-14
Travis Central Appraisal District Board of Directors
Urban Forestry Board 2015-01-28
Urban Renewal Board 2017-02-13
Urban Transportation Commission 2017-01-10
Water and Wastewater Commission 2017-01-11
Waterfront Planning Advisory Board 2015-01-12
Zero Waste Advisory Commission 2017-02-08
Zoning and Platting Commission 2017-03-07