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Presentation: 'Dollar For' - a Health Equity Non-Profit — original pdf

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Charity Care 101 THE NEED A medical crisis shouldn’t mean a financial crisis. THE NEED Medical debt exacerbates systemic inequities. THE OPPORTUNITY Millions of Americans are on payment plans or declaring bankruptcy for bills that they should not have to pay. THE PROBLEM Hospitals hold all the power. It’s not KNOWN It’s not EASY It’s not FAIR THE SOLUTION Dollar For crushes medical debt by making charity care known, easy & fair. THE IMPACT CHARITY CARE 101 CHARITY CARE 101 1: Find the policy and application CHARITY CARE 101 2: Review the policy - Income requirements to qualify - Application deadline - Application instructions - Contact Information CHARITY CARE 101 3: Determine eligibility See examples at: CHARITY CARE 101 Who Counts in a Household? See examples at: CHARITY CARE 101 Step Three: Determine eligibility BILL AGE 240 DAYS CHARITY CARE 101 Step Three: Determine eligibility - Each hospital has a different policy for insured patients. - Some forgive, some don’t. - Check the policy or call to ask! CHARITY CARE 101 Step Four: Complete application - Fill out application by hand or one a computer. - Prepare all proof of income docs. - Hand deliver, email, fax or mail CHARITY CARE 101 Step Five: Submit proof of income - Most recent tax return or proof of non-filing determination letter. - - 3 most recent pay stubs. 3 months of bank statements. - Unemployed? ○ Social Security or unemployment benefits letters. ○ Simple letter explaining how paying for basic needs (i.e., savings, money for a friend or family member, etc). Download tax forms at: CHARITY CARE 101 Doctors Bills? - Unfortunately, charity care rules only directly apply to the non-profit hospitals themselves, not doctors or labs who work in the hospital and bill separately. ○ Step One: Get approved for charity care by the hospital. ○ Step Two: Once approved, send copies of the approval letter to the other billers and ask them to honor the policy. - Other types bills? Call the billing department to ask them about financial assistance. CHARITY CARE 101 Learn More Read our online manual for tons of FAQ and additional tips. Read at: REFERRING PATIENTS DIRECT SERVICE How Does Dollar For Help? Get started: DIRECT SERVICE How Does Dollar For Help? - All our services are complete free - no strings attached. - We do not: ○ Buy medical debt or pay medical bills. ○ Help patients with bills from: - Hospitals that don’t have FAPs (i.e. most private hospitals) - Doctors offices - Dental offices - Ambulances - Pharmacies - (… yet) Get started: DIRECT SERVICE 1: Eligibility Screener Get started: DIRECT SERVICE 2: Full Service Questionnaire Get started: DIRECT SERVICE Full Service Questionnaire - Proof of Income - Submit docs: ○ ○ Reply to our email or text confirmations - A hospital will not approve your application without those files. Get started: DIRECT SERVICE Key Points to Share - Dollar For staff will prepare and submit the financial assistance application for the hospital on your behalf. - We will email and text you when we have sent it in. - Dollar For cannot promise that a bill will get forgiven. We will do our best to advocate for each patient but ultimately, the hospital will decide if they will forgive the bill based on their policy. Get started: DIRECT SERVICE Follow Up - The hospital will probably not ever communicate with Dollar For. They will assume that the application has come directly from the patient. - - - The hospital should mail, email, or call the patient with requests for more information or with a final decision. Three weeks after we submit the application, Dollar For will check in with the patient and provide instructions for contacting the hospital. We will check in weekly for about five weeks. It is very important that the patient communicate with us about what they hear from the hospital. We want to help resolve each case but we can only do that if we know what is going on. Get started: GET INVOLVED Get Involved Get Help With Medical Debt - Become a Volunteer - Create an Organizational Partnership - GET INVOLVED Volunteers - Dollar For can only help patients get financial assistance if they know about our services. - Direct patients to - Ways to help: - Wear our swag! - Table or speak at community events - Create and share social media posts - Distribute flyers and touch cards - Organize local fundraising - Build partnerships with trusted community organizations Join us: GET INVOLVED Volunteer Resources - Team Coordination - Monthly town halls - Slack for communication - Resources Folder - - Dollar For Volunteer Guide - Pre-made social media posts - Flyers - Scripts for talking to people - Presentation samples - Swag kit - - Shirt & tote bag - Touch cards (request more at - Sample flyer Join us: WWW.DOLLARFOR.ORG