Zoning and Platting CommissionDec. 20, 2022

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ALICE GLASCO CONSULTING ________________________________________________________________________ December 6, 2022 Rosie Truelove, Director Housing & Planning Department 1000 E 11th Steet, Suite 200 Austin, Texas 78702 RE: C14-2022-0092 – 12408 N. MOPAC EXPY SVRD SB & 2900 O Neal Lane Dear Ms. Truelove: As the agent for the applicant in the rezoning of the subject property, I would like to request an indefinite postponement of this case from the December 20th, Zoning and Platting Commission agenda. The purpose of the postponement is to give us time to continue working with Watershed Protection Department Director regarding the site. Sincerely, __________________________________________ Alice Glasco, President Cc: Craig Alter, Ledgestone Development Group Sherri Sirwaitis, Zoning Planner Joi Harden, Division Manager, Housing & Planning Department