Zero Waste Advisory CommissionAug. 10, 2022

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A Food Plan for Austin Developing the City’s first Food Plan Zero Waste Advisory Commission– August 10th 2022 What is a Food System? Food for thought ● 14.7% food insecurity in Travis County ● 38% zip codes in Travis County don’t have a full service grocery store ● 16.8 acres of farmland are lost every day in Travis County ● Less than 1% of food consumed in Travis County is locally produced ● 1.24 million pounds of food is wasted every day in Austin ● Covid-19 pandemic & Winter Storm Uri exposed & exacerbated inequities in our food system What is a Food Plan and why do we need one? ● A Food Plan will set clear Goals and Strategies to move toward a more equitable, sustainable & resilient food system and provide a coordinating structure for all food related initiatives ○ The Food Plan build on several other initiatives made by the City to tackle food system issues. ● On June 2021 Austin City Council directed the City Manager to initiate a planning process Link to full resolution What about disasters? Recent and ongoing crises have caused a spike in food insecurity and revealed inadequate preparation for expansive and culturally appropriate food distribution We are working with HSEM & other departments to develop a Disaster Food & Drinking Water Appendix Will include learnings from Winter Storm Uri, COVID-19, boil water notices, and other recent emergencies Developing the Austin Food Plan: Where are we now? A Baseline Assessment We are in the process of releasing The State of The Food System 2022. A comprehensive analysis of our food system and an updated version of previous reports from 2015 and 2018. This will be the foundation for Austin’s first-ever Food Plan Project Organization Austin Food Plan Emergency Food & Water Appendix Food Supply Chain Vulnerability Analysis City and County Staff Austin-Travis Food Policy Board Community Advisory Committee Issue Area Groups *Production AG Consultant Team *Community Food Ambassadors *To be determined General Public and Community *Access AG *Markets AG *Labor AG *Recovery AG Finding the Right Project Team and Structure Stewards and Advisors of the Process City and County Staff Consultant Team Community Advisory Committee Austin-Travis Food Policy Board Advisors on the Content Issue Area Groups General Public and Community Community Food Ambassadors Centering Equity The Austin Food Plan will center equity and the lived expertise of those most impacted by the current food system This process be led by a Community Advisory Committee (CAC)– The overseeing body of the food planning process, comprised of 50%+ individuals of color, a blend of community members, and other food system stakeholders. All members of the CAC , Project Team, and Issue Area Groups will participate in an Equity Workshop(s) Project Timeline w are n ess State of th e Foo d S yste m R elease C o n sulta nt O n boardin g & Kickoff C.A.C R ecruit m e nt & Selectio n C o m m u nity E n gage m e nt & Visio nin g D evelop G oals & Strategies w ith m u nity R evie w & E valu atio n T ools Foo d Pla n D elivery & A doptio n m u nity C o m C o m m u nity A Project Scopin g B uild C o m Spring 2022 Summer-Fall 2022 Winter 2022 Spring 2023 Summer - Fall 2023 Early 2024 Stay involved Regular Updates State of the Food System Release Spread the word Sign up for our Food Plan Interest Form to stay in the loop! Dive deeper into Austin’s Food System. Available this Summer at nability Outreach materials coming later this Summer. Email: for updates. In your community, Who needs to be involved in the Food Planning process? Thank You! /austinsustainability