Zero Waste Advisory CommissionAug. 10, 2022

Keep Austin Beautiful (KAB) Presentation — original pdf

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Our Mission We inspire and educate all Austinites to volunteer together, beautify green spaces, clean waterways, and reduce waste every day. Inspire and Educate We believe children and teens who experience the outdoors and learn about reducing waste will become stewards of Austin green spaces and waterways. Volunteer Together We believe people who volunteer together outdoors are more connected to nature and each other. Beautify & Clean We believe all Austinites have a right to clean, safe, and beautiful green spaces. Reduce Waste We believe when people learn about the the impact environment, they will reduce their waste. actions their on of Not the Austin we know and love. A strong contributor to littering is the prevalence of existing litter. About 15% of littering is affected by the environment, or existing litter. *Litter in America Study, Keep America Beautiful Greater Austin Impact 1,870 volunteers $101,095 cost savings 68 miles of roadway cleaned 3,825 volunteer hours *Value of a Volunteer Hour, by State for 2021 25,826 pounds of litter and recycling  696 events  88 schools  5,522 unique students  3.89 out of a 4-point scale on teacher evaluations  28 percent increase on student scores from pre to post test Join Us Monthly eNewsletter Any questions? Rodney E. Ahart Chief Executive Officer Keep Austin Beautiful 512-391-0617 x704