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Item 4 # 24-4821 Water & Wastewater Commission: June 12, 2024 Council: July 18, 2024 Posting Language Recommend approval to negotiate and execute a contract for sewer inspection equipment, parts, and services with CLS Sewer Equipment Co. Inc., for up to five years for a total contract amount not to exceed $2,310,000. MBE/WBE Sole source contracts are exempt from the City Code Chapter 2-9B (Minority-Owned and Women- Owned Business Enterprise Procurement Program); therefore, no subcontracting goals were established. Lead Department Financial Services Department Client Department Austin Water Assistant Director of Operations, Ayman Benyamin Amount and Source of Funding Funding in the amount of $115,500 is available in the Fiscal Year 2023-2024 Operating Budget of Austin Water. Funding for the remaining contract term is contingent upon available funding in future budgets. Purchasing Language: Sole Source. Council Committee, Boards and Commission Action: June 12, 2024 - To be reviewed by the Water & Wastewater Commission. Additional Backup Information: The contract will provide parts, maintenance, repair, and software for Austin Water's sewer inspection vehicles. These are specially equipped vehicles used to inspect sewer mains using closed-circuit television cameras to assess condition of City-owned wastewater pipeline infrastructure. The Collection System Services Division (CSSD) has a daily responsibility to perform preventative maintenance and investigation when there is an infrastructure failure. This contract will allow the CSSD to make equipment repairs quickly and to provide preventive maintenance on the sewer inspection vehicles. Repairs are essential to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requirements regarding sanitary sewage collection systems. CLS Sewer Equipment Co. Inc. is the sole authorized dealer of parts and services provided under this contract. The contract replaces a contract expiring on October 3, 2024. Requested authorization is based on historical spending and departmental estimates of future needs. The recommended contractor is the current provider for these goods and services. Item 4 # 24-4821 Water & Wastewater Commission: June 12, 2024 Council: July 18, 2024 If a contract is not secured, Austin Water will be unable to effectively inspect wastewater lines and risk the possibility of raw sewage leaking into the surrounding soil. The use of this system has proven effective in preventing such leakage through inspections and repair. Contract Details: Contract Term Initial Term Optional Extension 1 Optional Extension 2 Total Length of Term 3 years 1 year 1 year 5 years Contract Authorization $1,386,000 $462,000 $462,000 $2,310,000 Note: Contract Authorization amounts are based on the City’s estimated annual usage. Revised 11/2023