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Item 3 # 24-4629 Water & Wastewater Commission: June 12, 2024 Council: July 18, 2024 Posting Language Recommend approval to execute a contract for construction services for the Longhorn Dam Safety Improvements project with Jay-Reese Contractors, Inc., in the amount of $3,531,000 plus a $353,100 contingency for a total contract amount not to exceed $3,884,100. (District 3) MBE/WBE This contract will be awarded in compliance with City Code Chapter 2-9A (Minority Owned and Women Owned Business Enterprise Procurement Program) through the achievements of Good Faith Efforts with 2.36% MBE and 0.89%% WBE participation. Lead Department Financial Services Department Client Department Austin Water Assistant Director of Engineering Services, Charles Celauro Amount and Source of Funding Funding is available in the Capital Budget of Austin Water. Purchasing Language: The Financial Services Department issued an Invitation for Bids (IFB) 6100 CLMC1032 for construction services. The solicitation was issued February 12, 2024 and closed March 21, 2024. Of the two offers received, the recommended contractor submitted the only responsive offer. A complete solicitation package, including a tabulation of the bids received, is available for viewing, is available for viewing on the City’s Financial Services, website, Austin Finance Online. Link: Solicitation Document. Council Committee, Boards and Commission Action: June 12, 2024 - To be reviewed by the Water & Wastewater Commission. Additional Backup Information: The Longhorn Dam was constructed by Austin Energy in 1960 to create a cooling reservoir for the Seaholm and Holly power plants. Both power plants were decommissioned in 2007 and the reservoir is now used as a recreational facility for the City of Austin. The dam is located on the Colorado River in east Austin and creates Lady Bird Lake. It is owned by the City of Austin and has been operated by Austin Water since 2017, after the transition from the previous owner, Austin Energy. This project focuses on life safety improvements by updating gratings, ladders, and guardrails in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, improving the mechanical and electrical systems, improving the ventilation system, and monitoring wall movement systems on the abutments of the bridge. The project proposes lane closures, detours, and use of temporary pavement at varying locations along South Pleasant Valley Road from Canterbury Street to north of Lakeshore Drive at the existing pedestrian hybrid beacon. Capital Delivery Services will communicate regularly with neighboring businesses and residents using mailings, social media outreach, and press releases to inform the public as the work progresses. The contractor will install appropriate traffic detour signs and barricades to Item 3 # 24-4629 Water & Wastewater Commission: June 12, 2024 Council: July 18, 2024 direct traffic and will work to ensure that residents and businesses always have access to their driveways. This contract will include the award of three alternate bid items to provide for cooling of Piers 3 and 5; exterior pier ladders and rails; and training wall and abutment railing. An alternate bid is a specified item of the construction work that is priced separately and may be awarded as part of the contract if the bids come within the specified budget. Due to the potential for unforeseen conditions, a 10% contingency in funding has been included to allow for the expeditious processing of any change orders. A contingency is an additional amount of money added to the construction budget to cover any unforeseen construction costs associated with the project. By authorizing the additional contingency funding, Council is authorizing any change orders within the contingency amount. Without Council approval, Austin Water operators may continue to work under potentially hazardous conditions. These safety improvements will support safe operation, maintenance, and long-term reliability of the dam for the next 20 years. The contract allows 180 calendar days for substantial completion of this project. This project is located within zip code 78702 (District 3). M/WBE Summary Public notice was given for this solicitation CLMC1032 Longhorn Dam Safety Improvements through the City’s Financial Services website, Austin Finance Online. Two bids were received and opened on March 21, 2024. Of the two bids received none were from MBE/WBE certified firms. Jay-Reese Contractors, Inc. submitted the only responsive bid including three alternate bid items in the amount of $915,700: Jay-Reese Contractors, Inc., Dripping Springs, TX Excel Air, LLC, Garland, TX The contractor’s choice of work methodology provides for <spell out number> areas of contracting opportunities which are listed below. Project specific goals stated in the solicitation were 1.71% African American; 2.16% Hispanic; 1.05% Native/Asian American; 1.18% WBE. Total participation estimated on base bid amount: Base Bid $2,615,300 Non-Responsive Base Bid + Alternates $3,531,000 Base Bid: $ 2,615,300.00 PRIME NON M/WBE TOTAL $ 1,999,828.50 76.47% Jay-Reese Contractors, Inc., Dripping Spring, TX MBE TOTALS - SUBCONTRACTORS $ 61,868.00 2.36% Hispanic Subtotal (MH) J Arbor Contracting, LLC, Bastrop, TX (erosion control) (MH) GBC General Barricade Co, ,LLC, Elgin, TX (traffic control) $ $ $ 61,868.00 52,443.00 9,425.00 WBE TOTALS - SUBCONTRACTORS (FW) Tejas Destructors, LLC, Leander, TX (lead & asbestos services) (FW) Stephanie Braun Clayton, LLC, Austin, TX (construction photos) NON MBE/WBE TOTALS - SUBCONTRACTORS Austin Air Services, LLC, Pville, TX (hvac) Cody Builders Supply, Inc., Astin, TX (steel structures) Alteran Energy Services, Inc., Grapevine, TX (electrical) S&V, Inc., Scott, LA (pumps, valves, hydraulics) Terracon Consultants, Inc., Austin, TX (geotechnical engineering) $ $ $ 23,200.00 17,300.00 5,900.00 $ $ $ $ $ $ 530,403.50 56,587.50 120,116.00 216,200.00 113,500.00 24,000.00 2.36% 2.00% 0.36% 0.89% 0.66% 0.23% 20.28% 2.16% 4.59% 8.27% 4.34% 0.92% The Contractor submitted a MBE/WBE Compliance Plan that demonstrated a Good Faith Effort and was approved by the Small and Minority Business Resources Department. Second low bidder information is provided. SECOND BIDDER - Excel Air, LLC, Garland, TX Non-Responsive Longhorn Dam Safety Improvements Project CIP ID 12480.002