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Item 6 # 22-2631 Water &Wastewater Commission: August 10, 2022 Council: September 1, 2022 Posting Language Recommend approval to award and execute a construction contract with Udelhoven, Inc., for the Govalle Site Domestic Wastewater Service Improvements project in the amount of $1,138,969 plus a $113,897 contingency, for a total contract amount not to exceed $1,252,866. (District 3) MBE/WBE This contract will be awarded in compliance with City Code Chapter 2-9A (Minority Owned and Women Owned Business Enterprise Procurement Program) by meeting the goals with 6.81% MBE and 1.44% WBE participation Lead Department Financial Services Department Client Department Austin Water Assistant Director of Engineering Services, Shay Ralls Roalson Fiscal Note Funding is available in the Capital Budget of Austin Water. Purchasing Language Lowest responsive bid of three bids received through a competitive Invitation for Bid solicitation. A complete solicitation package, including a tabulation of the bids received, is available for viewing on the City’s Financial Services website, Austin Finance Online. Link: Solicitation Document. Council Committee, Boards and Commission Action August 10, 2022 - To be reviewed by the Water & Wastewater Commission Additional Backup Information The Govalle Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) was constructed in 1937 and was, at the time, the first WWTP in Austin to utilize the sludge process for wastewater treatment. The plant was in operation for 69 years and was decommissioned in 2006 when wastewater flows were diverted to the South Austin Regional WWTP. Currently, Austin Water uses the site for training, office space, and maintenance activities. The scope of this project is to construct new grinder pumps to collect domestic wastewater flows from the restrooms at the Govalle Administrative and Maintenance buildings and convey the flows to the centralized wastewater collection system on Linger Lane. The existing domestic wastewater collection system will be abandoned and decommissioned. This project will enable Austin Water staff to continue to utilize the office and training facilities at the Govalle WWTP. This item includes one allowance. The allowance of $25,000 will be used to address any contaminated soil and/or water at the site. An allowance is an amount that is specified and included in the construction contract or specifications for a certain item(s) of work whose details are not yet determined at the time of bidding. Item 6 # 22-2631 Water &Wastewater Commission: August 10, 2022 Council: September 1, 2022 Due to the potential for unforeseen issues that may arise during construction, a 10% contingency in funding has been included to allow for the expeditious processing of any change orders. A contingency is an additional amount of money added to the construction budget to cover any unforeseen construction costs associated with the project. By authorizing the additional contingency funding, Council is authorizing any change orders within the contingency amount. All construction work will be completed on City property that is not open to the public. Delay or deferral of this contract will have a negative effect on infrastructure stability and increase maintenance cost. The contract allows 210 calendar days for completion of this project. This project is located within zip code 78722 (District 3). Udelhoven, Inc. is located in Floresville, Texas. Strategic Outcome(s) Health and Environment MBE/WBE Summary Public notice was given for this solicitation CLMC918A, Govalle Site Domestic Wastewater Service Improvements, through the City’s Vendor Connection web portal. Three bids were received and opened on June 23, 2022. Of the three of bids received, one bid was from an MBE/WBE certified firm. Udelhoven, Inc. submitted the lowest responsive bid including an allowance of $25,000: Udelhoven, Inc., Floresville, TX Q&A Diversified, San Antonio, TX (WBE/FH) Cedar Hills Construction, Leander, TX The contractor’s choice of work methodology provides for five areas of contracting opportunities which are listed below. Participation goals stated in the solicitation were 2.21% African American; 2.95% Hispanic; 0.85% Native/Asian; and 1.41% WBE. Total participation is estimated on the base bid amount: $1,138,968.63 $1,315,679.67 $1,316,496 Base Bid $1,113,968.63 $1,290,679.67 $1,291,496 Base Bid + Allowance(s) PRIME NON M/WBE TOTAL Udlehoven, Inc., Floresville, TX Base Bid: $ 1 , 1 1 3 , 9 6 8 . 6 3 $ 1,022,137.63 91.75% MBE TOTALS - SUBCONTRACTORS $ 75,771.00 6.81% African American Subtotal (MB) CVI Development, LLC, Austin, TX (Excavation Services) (FB) All Points Inspection Services, Inc., Austin, TX (Photography) $ $ $ 25,771.00 10,000.00 15,771.00 2.32% 0.90% 1.42% Hispanic Subtotal (MH) JB Asphalt Paving and Grading, LLC, Austin, TX (Asphalt/Cement) $ $ 40,000.00 40,000.00 3.59% 3.59% Native/Asian American Subtotal (FA) Marie's Trucking, Austin, TX (Hauling) WBE TOTALS - SUBCONTRACTORS (FW) Woolery Custom Fence Co, Elgin, TX (Temporary tree fencing) $ $ 10,000.00 10,000.00 $ $ 16,060.00 16,060.00 0.90% 0.90% 1.44% 1.44% The Contractor submitted an MBE/WBE Compliance Plan that met the goals of the solicitation and was approved by the Small and Minority Business Resources Department. Second and third low bidder information is provided. SECOND BIDDER - Q&A Diversified, San Antonio, TX 100% WBE prime participation. THIRD BIDDER - Cedar Hills Construction, Leander, TX $1,291,496.00 91.76% NON M/WBE prime participation; 2.31% African American; 3.59% Hispanic; 0.90% Native/Asian; 1.44% WBE subcontractor participation. $1,290,679.67 Govalle Site Domestic Wastewater Service Project Map CIP ID 3168.150