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Item 4 # 22-2638 Water &Wastewater Commission: August 10, 2022 Council: September 1, 2022 Posting Language Recommend approval to award a contract with Vanguard Utility Service, Inc. d/b/a VUS Inc. to provide large diameter water meter exchange services, for a term of four years in the amount not to exceed $2,000,000. MBE/WBE This solicitation was reviewed for subcontracting opportunities in accordance with City Code Chapter 2-9C Minority Owned and Women Owned Business Enterprise Procurement Program. For the services required for this solicitation, there were no subcontracting opportunities; therefore, no subcontracting goals were established. Lead Department Financial Services Department Client Department Austin Water Assistant Director of Customer Experience, Randi Jenkins Fiscal Note Funding in the amount of $166,666 is available in the Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Operating Budget of Austin Water. Funding for the remaining contract term is contingent upon available funding in future budgets. Purchasing Language The Financial Services Department issued an Invitation for Bids (IFB) 2200 WJT1015 for these services. The solicitation was issued on March 18, 2022 and closed on May 2, 2022. The recommended contractor submitted the only responsive offer. A complete solicitation package, including a tabulation of the bid received, is available for viewing on the City’s Financial Services website, Austin Finance Online. Link: Solicitation Documents. Council Committee, Boards and Commission Action August 10, 2022 - To be reviewed by the Water & Wastewater Commission Additional Backup Information Austin Water (AW) is currently rolling out a citywide smart water meter program called My ATX Water. This program is modernizing AW's water metering system by replacing more than 250,000 analog water meters with digitally read water meters connected to a wireless network by 2025. Of the nearly 250,000 analog water meters scheduled for replacement, approximately 450 large- diameter meters are incompatible and need replacement to complete the My ATX Water project deployment. This contract will ensure the large-diameter meters meet the same installation timeframe by exchanging up to 40 meters per month. Large-diameter meter replacements often require heavy equipment, right-of-way and street closure permits, confined space entry requirements, and extensive commercial property coordination, requiring a dedicated resource. Strategic Outcome(s) Health and Environment