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Water & Wastewater Commission Review and Recommendation Health and Environment January 14, 2021 Commission Meeting Date: Council Meeting Date: Department: Capital Contracting Office January 27, 2021 COA Strategic Direction: Client: Shay Ralls Roalson Agenda Item Recommend approval for additional contingency funding for the construction contract with PLW Waterworks, LLC, for the Walnut Creek WW Treatment Plant Sludge Thickener Rehabilitation project in the amount of $457,795 for a total amount not to exceed $10,529,285. (District 1) Funding is available in the Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Capital Budget of Austin Water. Amount and Source of Funding Original contract was awarded through a competitive Invitation for Bid solicitation process. January 23, 2020 - Council awarded a construction contract to PLW Waterworks, LLC, for the Walnut Creek WW Treatment Plant Sludge Thickener Rehabilitation project. January 14, 2021 — To be reviewed by the Water and Wastewater Commission. This request is for additional contingency funding only. MBE/WBE participation to date information will be provided if a change order is requested. Purchasing Language: Prior Council Action: Boards and Commission Action: MBE/WBE: The Walnut Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant (the plant) is permitted to treat and discharge an average daily flow of 75 million gallons per day (MGD) with a peak flow of 165 MGD. The plant currently averages approximately 60 MGD with peak flows in excess of 165 MGD during large rain events. The plant thickens the sludge produced by the treatment process prior to pumping it to the Hornsby Bend Biosolids Management Plant for further treatment. The thickening process has become increasingly unreliable over time. The existing gravity sludge thickener and equipment were constructed in 1977, are in very poor condition, and are beyond their useful life. In order to maintain an effective treatment process, replacement of the existing gravity sludge thickener and the equipment is necessary. Temporary thickening units are required to allow the existing gravity sludge thickener and associated equipment to be taken offline for rehabilitation. An additional unit is required to meet increased sludge flows at the plant, which will consume the majority of the project’s contingency funds. The original Council authorization allowed for a 10% contingency to cover unknown risks associated with the project. It is anticipated that the 10% contingency limit will not be sufficient for the project based on change orders currently under consideration relating to the required temporary thickening units. Therefore, a 5% additional contingency is requested to ensure timely and efficient change order processing for a successful project completion. Approval of this request will increase the total project contingency to 15%. Prompt action is requested on this item to ensure an effective treatment process is maintained and project delays do not occur. Failure to complete this project in a timely manner may result in process failures or delay of other planned projects at the Walnut Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant that may negatively affect the facility’s ability to meet the City’s stringent wastewater effluent requirements. The contract allows 500 calendar days for completion of this project. This project is located within zip code 78724 (District 1). PLW Waterworks, LLC is located in Houston, Texas. AUTHORIZATION HISTORY AMOUNT DATE DESCRIPTION $9,155,900.00 $915,590.00 $62,000.00 $457,795.00 01/23/2020 01/23/2020 01/23/2020 01/27/2021 Proposed (Council) – Additional Contingency (5%) for future Change Orders (Council) – Authorize award and execution of a construction contract (Council) – 10% Contingency (Administrative Authority) – Description of use of funding $10,591,285.00 Total Contract Authorization CONTRACT HISTORY AMOUNT $10,071,490.00 $0.00 $51,119.88 $457,795.00 DATE DESCRIPTION (CO%/CUMULATIVE CO%) 01/23/2020 Authorize award and execution of a construction contract and 10% Contingency 07/28/2020 CO # 1 - Administrative changes only (0.00%/ 0.00%) 11/23/2020 CO # 2 - Feeds for temporary thickeners (0.56%/ 0.56%) Proposed Council – Additional Contingency (5.00%/ 5.56%) $10,580,404.88 Total Contract History