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Water & Wastewater Commission Review and Recommendation January 14, 2021 Safety COA Strategic Direction: January 27, 2021 Commission Meeting Date: Council Meeting Date: Department: Capital Contracting Office Client: Shay Ralls Roalson Recommend approval to award and execute a construction contract with Sefbo Pipeline Bridge, Inc., for the Ullrich WTP Low Service Pump Station Safety Structures Renewal project in the amount of $66,666.66. (District 8) Agenda Item Funding is available in the Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Capital Budget of Austin Water. Amount and Source of Funding One responsive bid received through a competitive Invitation for Bid solicitation. N/A January 14, 2021 — To be reviewed by the Water and Wastewater Commission. This contract will be awarded in compliance with City Code Chapter 2-9A (Minority Owned and Women Owned Business Enterprise Procurement Program) by meeting a combined goal of 5.00% MBE/WBE participation. Purchasing Language: Prior Council Action: Boards and Commission Action: MBE/WBE: The Ullrich Water Treatment Plant’s Low Service Pump Station is situated over Lake Austin at an elevation requiring appropriate safety controls to protect personnel from accidental falls into the Lake. These safety controls include platforms, toe plates, handrails and cover plates. Approximately 70% of the platform cover plates at the pump station are severely corroded due to the high-moisture ambient environment and are beginning to fail. Other safety features, such as the toe plates, are damaged or missing. Additionally, portions of the Low Service Pump Station are currently being barricaded to prevent access to areas where the most severe corrosion is taking place. There is an imminent safety risk of personnel falling into the Lake if corrective steps are not taken to repair damaged and missing safety controls. This project will provide the labor, equipment and materials required to perform the necessary safety related repairs to the Low Service Pump Station. These repairs incorporate the scope of work that was agreed upon by the Ullrich Operations personnel and the Engineer of Record. The benefit of this project is that adequate safety controls will be re-established at the Low Service Pump Station which will allow personnel to work in a safe environment. This contract will include award of one alternate bid item for $14,500 for the replacement of safety controls instead of repairing those safety controls. An alternate bid is a specified item of the construction work that is priced separately and may be awarded as part of the contract if the bids come within the specified budget. The pre-bid meeting was optional. Prior to the bid due date, the Capital Contracting Office contacted all contractors registered with the City to provide services and commodities required by the proposed scope of work to encourage those contractors to submit bids. Additionally, the solicitation was advertised for 27 days to allow greater opportunity for contractors to submit a bid. These efforts resulted in only one bid being received. Staff reviewed the one bidder and determined that they possess the experience needed and provided a bid in line with the consultant engineer’s cost estimate. The work at the Low Service Pump Station is not open to the public and will not impact Ullrich Water Treatment Plant operations. A delay in award of this contract could put personnel at risk when performing work at the Low Service Pump Station due to inadequate fall protection. The contract allows 90 calendar days for completion of this project. This project is located within zip code 78746 (District 8). Sefbo Pipeline Bridge, Inc. is located in Austin, TX. M/WBE Summary Public notice was given for this solicitation CLMC811, Ullrich WTP Low Service Pump Station Safety Structures Renewal project, through the City’s Vendor Connection web portal. One bid was received and opened on September 17, 2020. The one bid received was not from a certified MBE/WBE firm. Sefbo Pipeline Bridge, Inc. submitted the lowest responsive bid including alternate of $14,500. Sefbo Pipeline Bridge, Inc., Austin, TX The contractor’s choice of work methodology provides for one subcontracting opportunity which is listed below. Participation subgoals stated in the solicitation were a combined 5.00% MBE/WBE. Total participation estimated on base bid amount: Base Bid Base Bid + Alternate $52,166.66 $66,666.66 PRIME NON M/WBE TOTAL Sefbo Pipeline Bridge, Inc., Austin, TX Base Bid: $ 5 2 ,1 6 6 .6 6 $ 49,558.33 95.00% MBE/WBE TOTALS - SUBCONTRACTORS (FA) HSU Equity, Inc., Austin, TX (Contractor, general, construction) $ $ 2,608.33 2,608.33 5.00% 5.00% The Contractor submitted an MBE/WBE Compliance Plan that that met the goals of the solicitation and was approved by the Small and Minority Business Resources Department. Ullrich WTP Low Service Pump Station Safety Structures Renewal Project  1000 Forest View Dr. Austin, Texas 78746