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Water & Wastewater Commission Review and Recommendation Safety, Health and Environment January 14, 2021 Commission Meeting Date: Council Meeting Date: Department: Capital Contracting Office January 27,2021 COA Strategic Direction: Client: Shay Ralls Roalson Agenda Item Recommend approval to award and execute a construction contract with PGC General Contractors, LLC, for Little Walnut Creek-Flood Risk Reduction from Metric-Rutland project in the amount of $17,103,694.80 plus a $2,565,554.22 contingency, for a total contract amount not to exceed $19,669,249.02. Austin Water’s budgeted portion for this project is $4,523,927. (District 4) Amount and Source of Funding Funding in the amount of $4,523,927.27 is available in the Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Capital Budget of Austin Water. Funding in the amount of $15,145,321.75 is available in the Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Capital Budget of the Watershed Protection Department. Purchasing Language: Lowest responsive bid of five bids received through a competitive Invitation for Bid solicitation. N/A January 14, 2021 — To be reviewed by the Water and Wastewater Commission. This contract will be awarded in compliance with City Code Chapter 2-9A (Minority Owned and Women Owned Business Enterprise Procurement Program) by meeting the goals with 12.56% MBE and 1.68% WBE participation. Prior Council Action: Boards and Commission Action: MBE/WBE: The primary goal of the current Little Walnut Creek Flood Risk Reduction project is to eliminate the risk of interior flood inundation to as many structures as possible, to reduce the floodplain footprint, and to reduce bridge flooding to the maximum extent feasible within the project study area. This project intends to divert flood flows from the lower reaches of Little Walnut Creek just upstream of Quail Valley Boulevard to the Mearns Meadow detention pond within Quail Creek Park. A wastewater pipeline relocation study is a component of the project. An existing 24-inch concrete wastewater interceptor runs within the banks of Little Walnut Creek from Quail Creek Park to beyond Golden Meadow. Portions of this existing wastewater pipeline are exposed due to creek erosion and have been repaired within the past five years. The wastewater line relocations that are part of this project are consistent with future work to abandon and relocate the existing pipeline out of the creek banks in coordination with the City’s Environmental Resource Management Division’s future full stream restoration project of Little Walnut Creek. The work consists of flood risk reduction, stormwater treatment, water/wastewater pipeline replacement, street reconstruction and park improvements. Storm drain improvements will divert stormwater runoff from Little Walnut Creek directly to the Mearns Meadow regional detention pond via installation of stormwater conveyance infrastructure upstream of include construction of creek side weirs upstream of Mountain Quail Rd. and Quail Valley Blvd.; installation of approximately 4,200 linear feet of large reinforced concrete box culvert storm drains; installation of approximately 1,900 linear feet of reinforced concrete pipe ranging in size from 18 to 72 inches; and installation of 36 street curb inlets. The project will reduce stormwater inundation of roads as well as risk of interior flooding to over 75 residential structures. The project will improve the existing detention pond in Quail Creek Park to mitigate any downstream impacts from the flood risk reduction improvements. The pond will be widened and deepened to increase its 100-year storage capacity, the low flow outlet will be enlarged, and the low flow spillway modified to include a 10-foot overflow weir. The water construction consists of approximately 5,900 linear feet of 8 to 12-inch water main and appurtenances. The project will remove 2,080 linear feet of asbestos cement pipe within the project limits. The wastewater construction consists of approximately 10,200 linear feet of 8 to 30-inch wastewater main to intercept flows from the north side of the creek including manholes. The street improvements consist of full depth reconstruction for 5,060 linear feet with an additional mill and overlay of 1,740 linear feet and new sidewalk construction and trails at the park. This item includes the following three allowances: the Mearns Meadow pond. Improvements • An allowance of $40,000 will be used to address the Quail Creek exercise equipment relocation. • An allowance of $105,000 will be used to address the plumbing for wastewater connections that have been moved as part of the project. • An allowance of $1,000 will be used to address the outdoor storage shed at 1611 Mearns Meadow. An allowance is an amount that is specified and included in the construction contract or specifications for a certain item(s) of work whose details are not yet determined at the time of bidding. All work will be completed per the approved traffic control plan. Work will be conducted between 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM. The contractor will install appropriate traffic detour signs and barricades to direct traffic. No Parking signs shall be placed in work areas 48 hours prior to traffic control setup. Existing sidewalks shall be maintained as ADA compliant throughout the project duration with the exception of final flatwork and utility tie-ins. In addition, there will be temporary water and wastewater service interruptions, primarily during pipeline tie-in and service reconnection. The contractor will coordinate with Austin Water dispatch to notify customers at least 72 hours in advance of service interruption. A delay in this project will result in continued deterioration of the water and wastewater system causing additional breaks in the lines and maintenance costs. In addition, there is risk to homes and bridges from flooding during a major rain event should this project be delayed. The project is located within an active, densely populated residential area consisting of apartment complexes, single-family residences, a public park, and an elementary school. Due to the potential for substantial coordination and sequencing with the community stakeholders in order to maintain quality of life and for the possibility of weather delays, a 15% contingency in funding has been included to allow for the expeditious processing of any change orders. A contingency is an additional amount of money added to the construction budget to cover any unforeseen construction costs associated with the project. The contract allows 1,020 calendar days for completion of this project. This project is located within zip code 78758 (District 4). PGC General Contractors, LLC, is located in Austin, Texas. M/WBE Summary Public notice was given for this solicitation, CLMC790 Little Walnut Crk-Flood Risk Reduction from Metric-Rutland, through the City’s Vendor Connection web portal. Five bids were received and opened on November 19, 2020. Of the five bids received, two bids were from MBE/WBE certified firms. PGC General Contractors, LLC submitted the lowest responsive bid including an allowance of $146,000: PGC General Contractors LLC, Austin, TX M.A. Smith Contracting Co. Inc., Austin, TX D. Guerra Construction LLC, (MH) Austin, TX Santa Clara Construction, Ltd., (MH) Austin, TX Jordan Foster Construction, LLC, Pflugerville, TX Base Bid $16,957,694.80 $17,991,727.15 $22,354,261.35 $22,473,984.00 $31,871,362.20 Base Bid + Allowance $17,103,694.80 $18,137,727.15 $22,500,261.35 $22,619,984.00 $32,017,263.20 The contractor’s choice of work methodology provides for eleven areas of subcontracting opportunities which are listed below. Project specific goals stated in the solicitation were 1.61% African American; 4.47% Hispanic; 1.62% Native/Asian; and 2.13% WBE. Total participation estimated on the base bid amount: Base Bid: $16,957,694.80 $ 9,542,694.80 56.27% PRIME NON M/WBE TOTAL PGC General Contractors, LLC, Austin, TX MBE TOTALS - SUBCONTRACTORS $ 2,130,000.00 12.56% African American Subtotal (MB) Lewis Clark Trucking, LLC , Austin, TX (Hauling Services) (MB) CVI Developmental, LLC , Austin, TX (Headwalls, Concrete) $ $ $ 310,000.00 10,000.00 300,000.00 Hispanic Subtotal (MH) Environmental Safety Services, Inc., Austin, TX (Grass Seed) (MH) Accurate Pavement Striping LLC, Austin, TX (Hauling Services) (MH) CGT AUS Inc dba C Garcia Trucking, Austin, TX (Pavement Marking Services) (MH) Roadwise Solutions, LLC, Austin, TX (Traffic Control Device Placement and Removal Services) Native/Asian American Subtotal (MA) Alpha Paving Industries LLC, Round Rock, TX (Paving/Resurfacing, Street (Major and Residential) (MN) KLP Commercial, L.L.C., Manor, TX (Culvert, Pipe, Reinforced Concrete) WBE TOTALS - SUBCONTRACTORS (FW) Jennifer Weems dba Jennifer Weems Photography, Austin, TX (Photography, Construction) (FH) Melendrez Trucking, LLC, Austin, TX (Hauling Trucking) (FW) Environmental Survey Inc dba Environmental Survey Consulting, Austin, TX (Hydromulching Services) NON MBE/WBE TOTALS - SUBCONTRACTORS Techline Pipe, LP, Hutto, TX (Pipe, PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride) 1.83% 0.06% 1.77% 4.72% 3.69% 0.09% $ 800,000.00 $ 625,000.00 $ 15,000.00 $ 60,000.00 0.35% $ 100,000.00 0.59% $ 1,020,000.00 6.01% $ 950,000.00 5.60% $ 70,000.00 0.41% $ 285,000.00 1.68% $ 25,000.00 0.15% $ 135,000.00 0.80% $ 125,000.00 0.74% $ $ 5,000,000.00 5,000,000.00 29.49% 29.49% The Contractor submitted a MBE/WBE Compliance Plan that met the goals of the solicitation and was approved by the Small and Minority Business Resources Department. Second and third low bidder information is provided. $17,991,727.15 SECOND BIDDER - Smith Contracting Co, Inc., Austin, TX 87.3% prime participation; 1.67% African American; 4.43% Hispanic; 4.45% Native/Asian; 2.14% WBE; 0.01% Non M/WBE subcontractor participation. THIRD BIDDER – D. Guerra Construction LLC, Austin, TX 91.14% prime participation; 2.68% African American; 0.00% Hispanic; 4.03 % Native/Asian; 2.15% WBE; 0.00% Non M/WBE subcontractor participation. $22,354,261.35 CLMC790 Little Walnut Creek ‐ Flood Risk Reduction from Metric to Rutland  CIP  5754.086  District 4