Water and Wastewater CommissionFeb. 12, 2020

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Recommendation for Water & Wastewater Commission February 12, 2020 Health & Environment COA Strategic Direction: Commission Meeting Date: Council Meeting Date: February 20, 2020 Department: Public Works Client: Aldo Ranzini, Kevin Koeller, Bill Stauber, Adewale Odufuye SUBJECT Recommend approval to negotiate and execute an Advance Funding Agreement with Texas Department of Transportation for the relocation of existing utility lines in conflict with the Oak Hill Parkway total amount not to exceed $26,266,546.33. Improvements Project, for a Funding is available in the Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Capital Budget of Austin Water. AMOUNT AND SOURCE OF FUNDING Purchasing Language: Prior Council Action: N/A MBE/WBE: Boards and Commission Action: February 12, 2020 – To be reviewed by the Water and Wastewater Commission. This project is for the relocation and adjustments of existing water and wastewater lines and appurtenances in conflict with TxDOT Oak Hill Parkway project, located at the convergence of US Highway 290 and US Highway 71. The work consists of relocating approximately 561 linear feet of 30-inch diameter water line; 2,712 linear feet of 24-inch diameter water line; 23,904 linear feet of 16- inch diameter water line; 5,954 linear feet of 12-inch diameter water line, 908 linear feet of 8-inch diameter water line; 4,987 linear feet of 36-inch diameter wastewater line; 66 linear feet of 30-inch diameter wastewater line; 110 linear feet of 18-inch diameter wastewater line; 200 linear feet of 15-inch diameter wastewater line; 6,674 linear feet of 8-inch diameter wastewater line; 269 linear feet of 6-inch diameter wastewater line; including appurtenances. The construction of this relocation will be included in the Texas Department of Transportation contract. TxDOT anticipates starting the utility relocation construction in the Summer of 2020. Austin Water’s existing water and wastewater lines are required to be adjusted to accommodate the proposed roadway improvements, and this agreement will allow those water and wastewater infrastructures in conflict to be adjusted. Executing this agreement will bring together the efforts of TxDOT and Austin Water in the design and construction of the roadway improvements and utility adjustments to minimize impacts to the public and save costs. The City will provide construction inspection and testing for this project and agrees to provide funding to TxDOT for construction of water and wastewater lines and appurtenances, including the cost of any change orders made necessary by field changes to address unanticipated conditions under the terms and conditions in this agreement. TxDOT shall obtain the written approval of the City for all change order requests prior to TxDOT issuing the approved change order to the contractor. Due to the potential for unknown subsurface conditions and utility conflicts when working in the right-of-way, a 10% contingency in funding has been included to allow for the expeditious processing of any change orders. A contingency is an additional amount of money added to the construction budget to cover any unforeseen construction costs associated with the project. This project is managed by Public Works. Oak Hill Parkway Water/Wastewater line Relocation SH 71 @ US 290 intersection, commonly referred to as the “Y” at Oak Hill. PROJECT LOCATION: SH 71 @ Silvermine to US 290 @ Circle Dr. beginning at Wm. Cannon