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Equitable Transit-Oriented Development (ETOD) Urban Transportation Committee Meeting Tuesday, June 7th, 2022 Anna Lan Principal Planner, CapMetro Agenda 1 | Project Updates 2 | ETOD Policy Strategies 3 | Engagement 4 | Website 2 ETOD Corridor Study Area • $1.65 million in Federal Transit Administration (FTA) TOD grant • 21 stations on Blue and Orange Lines • Four focus stations (North Lamar Transit Center, Crestview, Hyde Park, South Congress Transit Center) and one E. Riverside Corridor Plan update 3 TOD vs. Equitable TOD 4 5 ETOD Deliverables ETOD Policy Plan + 6 Task 2 Case studies ✓ Task 4 Conditions analysis ✓ Task 5 Policy framework (in progress) Task 6 Priority Tool Task 7 Station Area Vision Plans Project Timeline Key deliverables Task 2 Case studies (done) Task 4 Conditions analysis (done) Task 5 Policy framework (in progress) Task 6 Priority Tool Task 7 Station Area Vision Plans 2 4 6 7 5 7 ETOD Goals 8 ETOD Goals 9 Task 5 Policy Toolkit Approach Strategies will guide the implementation of the goals. Goals Strategies Policy Tools Action Plan • • • Development Incentives, Standards or Regulations Investments in the Public Realm • • Land Use & Urban Design Real Estate Mobility Housing Affordability Business & Workforce Transit- Supportive Land Use • Acquisition • Mobility • Strategies for ETOD Infrastructure Improvement Financing Tools & Land Use Strategies • Business Assistance During Construction • Ongoing Small Business Support Leveraging Publicly- Owned Land Travel Demand Management • Advocacy & Partnerships Land Value Capture Parking Management • Expand and Preserve Homeownership Support • Workforce Development Programs • • 10 ATP Timeline NEPA and FTA Key Dates  Feb 2023: BL & OL Finalization of NEPA environmental documents (FEIS/ROD)  March 2023: BL & OL FTA Record of Decision (ROD)  Cannot introduce station plans before March 2023 Engagement Touchpoints $ Compensated Engagement Community Presentation Large format meetings to present project milestones CAC Briefings Monthly meetings, Ongoing guidance throughout project and major milestones Tabling/Intercept Surveys In-person events to target specific neighborhoods or demographics $ Focus Groups & One-on-ones Guided discussions with groups to identify vision and needs and to build consensus amongst stakeholders Stakeholder Presentations Presentations with stakeholder groups to educate participants on the process and vision of the ETOD Study $ Community Connectors Trained individuals who does in-depth outreach in their communities Community-Led Input Process • Community Connectors • 12 individuals recruited • Fully onboarded and deployed • Individual engagement roadmaps with activities in April, May, and June • Each connector to reach 30-50 people • Community Advisory Committee • Monthly Working Group meetings • Two workshop sessions on May 10 with the CAC and Community Connectors 13 Focus Groups Who What Grassroots, Grasstops, Small Business Owners, and Real Estate and Housing practitioners Focused interviews to test and discuss policy recommendations When May 11 – June 3 Where Online and in-person Why Better align recommendations with community goals and solutions Grassroots Grasstops Small Businesses Public participants recruited from Connectors, survey, and Round 1 outreach (i.e., Community Connectors, people the Community Connectors invite, and members of the public) Heads of local NGOs and informal advocacy organizations (i.e., GAVA City Alliance of Minority Chambers, Lifeworks Mobility advocacy groups) Small businesses near transit corridors system- wide. Particular interest/effort in recruiting immigrant owners, BIPOC owners, and family owned Real Estate and Housing Practitioners Market Rate + Affordable Housing Developers, Affordable housing academics ETOD Website https://projectconnect.com/projects/etod • Engagement updates and survey link • Existing conditions dashboard • Case study summary • Community Connectors page 15 https://capmetro-etod-nelsonnygaard.hub.arcgis.com/ Existing Conditions Dashboard Interactive Data : • Population • Displacement Risk • Jobs • Urban Fabric • Real Estate • Mobility 16