Urban Transportation CommissionDec. 8, 2020

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DRAFT Samsung Boulevard Right-of-Way Vacation Briefing Urban Transportation Commission December 8, 2020 Austin Transportation Department Overview • COA departments have reviewed Samsung’s two applications to vacate the street ROW of Samsung Blvd • We are asking for UTC to recommend approval • We are taking the requests to Council for approval in January • Samsung will relocate Samsung Blvd and reconstruct it as a portion of the parallel regional Arterial A facility • Approvals are contingent on public utility and access easements being retained until Arterial A is dedicated, constructed, and accepted • COA departments support the requests if existing utilities are left in place until moved at the applicant’s expense DRAFT 2 Overview • COA is designing and constructing the extension of Braker Ln from its terminus to Arterial A • Road projects in the Samsung area will expand the transportation network consistent with the adopted ASMP • Projects will benefit Samsung as a major trip generator and the surrounding residential uses lacking an existing grid network 3 DRAFT Samsung Area Projects Approximate property holding - Samsung Future MoKan TXDOT Rezoning to LI-PDA West of Samsung Blvd C14-2020-0118 4 Braker Lane Extension Under Design by PWD To be Constructed by City Braker Lane Extension To be Designed and constructed by Samsung as Braker Lane Existing Samsung Blvd To be Vacated Rezoning to LI-PDA East of Samsung Blvd C14-2020-0117 Arterial A Extension To be Designed and constructed by Samsung as Samsung Blvd. DRAFT Braker Lane Extension Travis County Designing Construction Date TBD Questions Rob Spillar, Director Austin Transportation Department rob.spillar@austintexas.gov (512) 974-2488 Richard Mendoza, Director Public Works Department richardv.mendoza@austintexas.gov (512) 974-7190 5