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DRAFT SCORING CRITERIA - Block 16 14-Jan-19 Points (80 Point Maximum) 20 20 10 10 5 5 Project Creativity and Need Community Benefit Considerations To what extent will the project satisfy priority needs, as identified in the current Urban Renewal and the City Imagine Austin comprehensive plan? Describe the appropriateness of the proposed development for the neighborhood. Please provide: • Impact on making the commercial corridor more welcoming and on increasing the availability of pedestrian oriented retail goods or services. • Impact on other public or private investment in the neighborhood. • Jobs created as a result of the project. Additional Affordable Housing 25% of residential units. Rental = 60% MFI for 40 years; Ownership = 80% MFI for 99 years Community Parking Provide parking in excess of the minimum requirements to support adjacent businesses in the corridor. Incorporation of the African American Cultural & Heritage Facility It is strongly encouraged the proposed project identify synergies with the African American Cultural and Heritage Facility (AAC&HF). Define the approach the proposed project will utilize to successfully create a sustainable synergy with the African American Cultural and Heritage Facility by providing for example; active space for community, educational and cultural uses. How will proposed project design and uses be respectful to the adjacent AAC&HF Dedrick-Hamilton house a historic structure? As part of the implementation of City Council resolution no. 20071108‐127 (see Exhibit B), relating to MBE/WBE compliance (the City of Austin program for Minority‐owned Business Enterprises / Women‐owned Business Enterprises), the Successful Proposer is encouraged to set MBE/WBE participation goals or make a good faith effort to achieve these goals in the design and construction of improvements on the subject Property. Green Building The Successful Proposer is encouraged to meet ambitious green building goals. This includes meeting a minimum Austin Energy 2 Star Green Building rating or USGBC LEED Silver rating. (Please refer to information and links provided at www.austintexas.gov/realestate) Other Public Benefits Other public benefits proposed will be given additional consideration. Affordable Housing Threshold Requirement: 25% of residential units. Rental = 60% MFI for 40 years; Ownership = 80% MFI for 99 years 10 Minority and Women Owned Business