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Item 3.b - Block 18 - Stakeholder Comments Jan 2019 — original pdf

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BLOCK 18 RFP COMMENTS February 11, 2019 1 Resolve existing egress enchroachment and underground utility issues for Historic Victory Grill and Comment and/or Recommendation ensure its preservation. 2 Reserve and enhance Kenny's Backyard *Is it possible to keep an outdoor music venue? We really enjoy the music from Kenny Dorham's Backyard. • The Block 18/Kenny Dorham’s space should be allowed to remain in operation until the property has been sold and the timeline dictates that site prep needs to begin. • Going forward, if not specially Kenny Dorham’s Backyard, some facility based on this model should be incorporated into whatever development plan is accepted for Block 18 • Make Block 18 an intentional and specific destination for arts, culture, music, cultural preservation, and creative industries for the District • Though commercial in nature, Block 18 development should intentionally incorporate the Victory Grill Building (and the historic legacy of the venues and businesses that once populated these blocks) into a plan for this block to function as a Cultural Hub that pays homage to what once was the center of the Central East Austin Entertainment District 3 4 5 6 7