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Neill-Cochran House Museum Presentation — original pdf

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The Neill-Cochran House Museum: Step into Austin History T he N CH M: W ho are we? • One of Austin’s 10 oldest residences • H ome to the only in tact slave quarters standing in the city • Owned and operated by the N SCDA-T X • Located in the heart of central Austin, but originally inten ded as a suburban estate • Open ed (first floor) in 1960; whole site open since late 1970s; professional staff since 2005 • 10,000 visitors for the first time last year T he N CH M: W here are we? T he N CH M: W here are we? T he N CH M: How have we used HOT funding? 2019: Wrought and Cast-Iron Fencing T he N CH M: How have we used HOT funding? 2023: Reckoning with the Past: The Untold Story of Race in Austin Project T he N CH M: How did we get from 1,500 to 10,000?? • R otating exhibitions • Performing arts collaborations • More relevant narratives T he N CH M: The Stats • 10,000 total visitors • 6,000 Central T exas • 2,500 from around T exas • 1,000 national • 500 international T he N CH M: W hat are we doing to grow our attendance? • Google advertising (non- profit support) • Event Vesta • POGO Pass • T iqets • FB/Insta • Austin K ids Directory • Prestige Magazine (R enaissance H otel Arboretum) • Listed for free elsewhere T he N CH M: How could the Tourism Commission help? • Encourage heritage tourism advertising • H elp museums connect with representatives from the hospitality industry • Advocate for historic preservation efforts that will protect the historic fabric of the city A sustainable organization is one that, through beneficial circumstances and good professional practices, generates enough financial and community support to guarantee its continued existence on an indefinite basis. A sustainable museum engages with its community and this is evident in broad community financial, in-kind, and volunteer support. Dependable support from a city, county, or state government is a hallmark of sustainable museums. History museums need the support of city or county general revenue funds, hotel occupancy taxes, or property taxes. N ot only does this support provide a continual base level of funding for the museum, it provides confidence in other donors that the museum is permanent. Performing Arts Exhibitions A Juneteenth Rodeo T he N CH M Juneteenth Celebration: June 22, 12-5PM • Join us! • T ours of the Slave Quarters • BBQ from Distant R elatives • Gospel Choir • Exhibit opening reception for A Juneteenth Rodeo • Visit for more information T hank you! W e hope to see you soon at the N CH M!