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Tourism Commission Annual Internal Review FY24 — original pdf

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Annual Internal Review This report covers the time period of 7/1/2023 to 6/30/2024 Austin Tourism Commission The Austin Tourism Commission mission statement is: "to provide expertise and recommendations to the city council concerning hotel occupancy tax revenue collected by the city and issues related to and that promote tourism" In the past year, the Austin Tourism Commission, has sought to establish stability as a concerted voice for tourism in the city by inviting and elevating various speakers to provide insights into the interworkings of: a. HOT tax funding, including the City of Austin and the State of Texas; b. The Tourism Public Improvement District in addressing the needs of tourism and the unhoused in Austin, including a resolution to City Council recommending HOT tax dollars used via the general fund be used to fund downtown needs for the unhoused, improving the environment for tourism downtown; c. Arts and culture funds as allocated through HOT tax funding, and the efficacy of these funds for said programs, including a unanimous resolution to City Council to fully-fund the Red River Cultural Arts District; d. The efficiency and recommendations for improvement of short-term rental regulation in Austin to aid in increasing HOT tax revenue collection, including a resolution to City Council with a series of recommendations to improve existing enforcement of unregulated short- term rentals in Austin; and e. Strategies to increase funding for parks and open space in Austin, cherished destinations that serve as tourism-drivers. Pursuant to the above, the Austin Tourism Commission has followed the intent of Austin City Council by providing its expertise and recommendations in-line with its mandate concerning hotel occupancy tax revenue and issues related to and promoting tourism. The following are the Tourism Commission's goals and objectives for the new calendar year: a. Continue discussions that aid in increasing HOT tax revenue in the City of Austin for uses pertaining to tourism-related activities, including but not limited to: Economic Development Department Cultural Arts Grants, Heritage Preservation Grants, and parks and open space uses; b. Continue to host topical meetings to engage tourism commissioners, the public, City staff, and members of the City Council, in timely and relevant topics that pertain to the HOT tax and improving tourism outcomes in Austin; c. Continue to advocate for the most efficient and cost-effective spending of HOT tax dollars for tourism aims in Austin; and d. Serve as a sounding board and body of action in implementing needed recommendations and conversations surrounding increasing HOT tax revenues and the tourism industry of Austin. 2