Robert Mueller Municipal Airport Plan Implementation Advisory CommissionSept. 11, 2020

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Approved Minutes
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ROBERT MUELLER MUNICIPAL AIRPORT PLAN IMPLEMENTATION ADVISORY COMMISSION MINUTES The Robert Mueller Municipal Airport Plan Implementation Advisory Commission convened in a special called meeting on September 11, 2020, via videoconferencing. Commission Members in Attendance: SPECIAL CALLED MEETING Friday, September 11, 2020 • Michael Jones, Chair • Rick Krivoniak, Vice-Chair • Carol Drennan • Corky Hilliard • Chris Jackson • Rodrigo Lima Staff in Attendance: • Martin Luecke • David Neider • Ken Ronsonette • • Kathy Sokolic Jonathan Schwartz • Pam Hefner, Economic Development Department • Jill Fagan, EDD 1. CALL TO ORDER a. Chair Michael Jones called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. 2. CITIZEN COMMUNICATION: SPEAKERS ON AGENDA ITEMS a. Girard Kinney spoke on Agenda Item 3B and voiced his support for the planning and development progress for the Control Tower site, as well as the importance of sight lines of the Control Tower from John Gaines Park. b. Michael Brennan spoke on Agenda Item 3B, voiced appreciation of development progress around the Control Tower site, and supported considerations for retrofitting the Control Tower for public access. c. Ani Colt spoke on Agenda Item 3C and expressed concerns with rental affordability for senior citizens in Mueller due to fixed incomes and rising Median Family Income (MFI) in Austin. d. Preston Tyree spoke on Agenda Item 3C and expressed concerns with management and maintenance at Wildflower Terrace. 3. NEW BUSINESS a. Northeast Austin Middle School Update: Drew Johnson, Bianca Tafares, Chelsea Burkett with AISD provided updates on the new Northeast Austin Middle School and expected timing of construction. 1 b. Control Tower Update: Greg Weaver (Catellus) and Jim Adams (McCann Adams Studio) provided updates on the planning and design standards for the Control Tower site, as well as next steps for outreach and development. c. Mueller Development Update: Brian Dolezal with Catellus provided brief updates and information on Mueller parks and businesses, as well as transportation, new water meter infrastructure and upcoming events. 4. APPROVAL OF MINUTES a. Minutes from the August 14, 2020 meeting were approved on Commissioner Krivoniak’s motion and Commissioner Drennan’s second on an 11-0 vote. 5. FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS a. The Commissioners and staff discussed the following list of potential future agenda items: • Mueller Financial Update • Mueller Affordable Housing Update a. The next regularly scheduled meeting is October 13, 2020. [Note, this meeting was subsequently canceled and a Special Called meeting was scheduled for October 16, 2020.] 6. NEXT MEETING ADJOURN The meeting adjourned at 2:27 p.m. without objection. 2