Robert Mueller Municipal Airport Plan Implementation Advisory CommissionOct. 16, 2020

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MBE/WBE Update to RMMA PIAC: October 16, 2020 The Mueller Vision & Catellus Goals • Community goals for Mueller include: – East Austin revitalization – Economic activity and opportunity – A diverse and inclusive community • Drivers for success include high levels of participation by MBE/WBE and local businesses • MBE/WBE business efforts coordinate with overall community diversity efforts Additional Catellus Goals: • • • Strive for maximum participation by MBE/WBE contractors for design and construction of infrastructure Create conditions for MBE/WBE investors and tenants to succeed Continue to work with community stakeholders • Go beyond the MDA resolution to collaborate with third- party developers RMMA PIAC October 16, 2020 Master Developer Projects Catellus acquires land and contracts for: • Infrastructure: o Roads o Utilities o Water quality ponds o Residential lots o Commercial parcels • Parks and amenities: o Trails o Irrigation o Park structures o Picnic areas o Playgrounds Residential lots and commercial sites are sold to third-party developers RMMA PIAC October 16, 2020 Master Developer Policy & Procedures Catellus policy for master developer projects: Contractors must meet specified goals for MBE/WBE participation OR demonstrate good-faith effort • MBE/WBE participation plays significant role in evaluation of proposals Catellus works with prime contractors to increase MBE/WBE participation Policy includes provisions for monitoring compliance over life of contract Catellus procedures for master developer projects: Catellus delivers bid documents to: o City of Austin SMBR Dept. for distribution to city plan room o Other area plan rooms: – US Hispanic Contractors Association de Austin – Austin Black Contractors Association – Austin United Metropolitan Black Contractors’ Association – Asian Construction Trades Association Contractors advertise and notify MBE/WBEs of subcontracting opportunities Prime contractors must document good-faith efforts before Catellus will execute contract RMMA PIAC • • • • • • October 16, 2020 Master Developer Results Through May 31, 2020: • MBE/WBE contracts to date: $47.96 million — 23.8% of total • Dollars paid to MBE/WBEs: $45.5 million • Number of MBE/WBEs: 90+ businesses % MBE/WBE PARTICIPATION RMMA PIAC October 16, 2020 Future Development • Commercial area alley construction 4th quarter 2020 • Southeast Greenway Park 1st quarter 2021 • Park along Margarita Street 1st quarter 2021 • Park along Cepeda Street 1st quarter 2021 RMMA PIAC October 16, 2020 Third-Party Policy & Procedures • Above and beyond the MDA requirements, private and third-party projects are encouraged to comply with MDA requirements • Encouraged to maximize MBE/WBE participation; for example: o Homebuilders and multifamily developers o Institutional users like Seton’s Dell Children’s Medical Center o Civic users like AISD Performing Arts Center • POA manager to demonstrate good-faith effort to contract with MBE/WBEs for services • As a “third-party” vertical developer, Catellus practices: o Prime contractors invited to bid based on capabilities and past performance o Bids required to include MBE/WBE participation percentage; important part of evaluation criteria o Contractors have flexibility on how they solicit MBE/WBEs: direct solicitation, advertising, plan rooms (similar to MDA process) o Catellus provides support to help subcontractors get certified RMMA PIAC October 16, 2020 Community Outreach Outreach efforts encourage diversity of Mueller contractors, business owners, employees and residents through: • Presentations, participation for community groups • Events hosted by Catellus – including contractor fairs • Direct outreach (one-on-one) with prospects and stakeholders • Advertising/appearing in minority media • Presentations to city boards and commissions In 2020: Haynes) • Continue to engage with Haynes-Eaglin-Waters (Cloteal • Hispanic Contractors briefings twice • Utilized City’s minority- and women-owned business database to notify firms of bid opportunities • Austin Energy project bids April and September RMMA PIAC August 28, 2019 Networking Event October 16, 2020 September 2020 Aerials Facing north RMMA PIAC October 16, 2020 September 2020 Aerials Facing south RMMA PIAC October 16, 2020 September 2020 Aerials Facing east RMMA PIAC October 16, 2020 September 2020 Aerials Facing west RMMA PIAC October 16, 2020