Robert Mueller Municipal Airport Plan Implementation Advisory CommissionSept. 11, 2020

Item 2A: Northeast Austin Middle School Update — original pdf

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NEW NORTHEAST MIDDLE SCHOOL Project Schedule RMMA PIAC 09/11/2020 Community Engagement • • • • • Campus Architectural Team (CAT) Meetings • • 16 from Sept. 2019 to Present Representation from parents, community members, teachers, etc. Three Previous Community Meetings Upcoming Virtual Community Meeting • • Oct. 1 at 4:30-6 PM Details at virtual-community-meeting-2/ Groundbreaking Video this Fall To read the latest updates and follow along with community meetings and events, please visit RMMA PIAC 09/11/2020 Design Guidelines and Input • • • • • AISD Education Specifications AISD Project Design Manual • Mueller New Construction Council • Inter Local Agreement w/ COA CAT Input School Tours Community Feedback RMMA PIAC 09/11/2020 Design Concept and Inspiration RMMA PIAC 09/11/2020 Building Massing RMMA PIAC 09/11/2020 Site Plan and Community Access RMMA PIAC 09/11/2020 New Northeast Exterior View RMMA PIAC 09/11/2020 New Northeast Learning Stairs RMMA PIAC 09/11/2020 New Northeast Hanger RMMA PIAC 09/11/2020 LEED Update RMMA PIAC 09/11/2020 What’s Next • • Attendance Boundary, Vertical Team, Principal, Naming • • Will be decided prior to opening, 2021-2022 school year Decided by the board of trustees Bus routes for all schools are finalized about two weeks prior to start of the school year. • Families are welcome to check "Bus Stop Finder" utility on for their general education students bus information. All special education students bus information will be shared in person by the bus teams. • RMMA PIAC 09/11/2020 Questions? RMMA PIAC 09/11/2020