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87TH STATE LEGISLATIVE AGENDA Intergovernmental Relations Office – Brie L. Franco, Officer TEXAS LEGISLATURE INCREASINGLY FOCUSED ON CITIES Total Bills Introduced Total Bills Passed City-Related bills introduced City-Related bills passed Year 76th-1999 77th-2001 78th-2003 79th-2005 80th-2007 81st-2009 82nd-2011 83rd-2013 84th-2015 85th – 2017 5,813 5,612 5,633 5,512 6,241 7,464 5,938 5,950 6,476 6,800 1,622 1,601 1,384 1,389 1,481 1,459 1,379 1,437 1,329 1,208 1,230+ 1,200+ 1,200+ 1,200+ 1,200+ 1,500+ 1,500+ 1,900+ 1,900+ 2,500+ 86th – 2019 7,324 1,429 2,300+ 130+ 150+ 110+ 105+ 120+ 120+ 160+ 220+ 220+ 294 338 • 54 % more City- related bills were passed between 2015 and 2019 • 182 % more City – related bills were passed between 2009 and 2019 12/3/2020 87th Legislative Agenda 2 LEGISLATIVE SESSION: IGRO ROLE In the 86th session • 3,970 Bills/JR’s were filed in last 10 business days before filing deadline, March 8th. (54%). • 7,324 bills read and analyzed by IGRO. • Over 2,500 bills were determined by IGRO to affect cities. • 1,296 Bills/JR’s required analysis/action by departments and IGRO. 12/3/2020 87th Legislative Agenda 3 TREND: ANTI-CITY TONE: STATE LEADERSHIP "I think a broad-based law by the state of Texas that says across the board, the state is going to pre-empt local regulations, is a superior approach“ –Governor Greg Abbott 1 "Our cities are still controlled by Democrats…and where do we have all our problems in America? …in our cities that are mostly controlled by Democrat mayors and Democrat city council… That's where you see street crime.“ -Lt. Governor Dan Patrick 2 1: “Abbott wants "broad-based law" that pre-empts local regulations” Texas Tribune, March 21, 2017 2: “Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick blames city governments for "all our problems in America" Texas Tribune, AUG. 4, 2017 POST-ELECTION UPDATE Republicans will control House and Senate in the 87th Session • Senate: 18 Republicans, 13 Democrats Democrats gained 1 seat, Republicans lost supermajority • House: 83 Republicans, 67 Democrats Same as 86thSession Austin / Travis Delegation Held Seats • Including hotly contested seats: Reps. Goodwin, Bucy, Zweiner, & Talarico will all be back ISSUES THAT WILL INFLUENCE THE 87TH SESSION TREND: TONE Politically Charged, Overarching Issues Influencing the 87th session • Electing a new Speaker: Rep. Dade Phelan? • Redistricting (Special Session)? • School Finance & Budget • COVID-19 12/3/2020 87th Legislative Agenda 6 87TH AGENDA: LEGISLATURE’S CITY-RELATED PRIORITY ISSUES Super Preemption Police Reform Preemption COVID Preemption Employees’ Rights & Benefits Zoning / Short- Term Rentals Community Advocacy Ban Austin Energy & Austin Water Revenue Caps Part II Annexation Part II: ETJ Regulation 12/3/2020 87th Legislative Agenda 7 DEVELOPING THE CITY’S LEGISLATIVE AGENDA: IGRO PROCESS: WHAT DRIVES THE AGENDA CONTENT? Council: Resolutions & Priority Themes Department Reviews and Input Community Input: Boards & Commissions Invite to Delegation for input Legislature Priorities 12/3/2020 87th Legislative Agenda 8 DEVELOPING THE CITY’S LEGISLATIVE AGENDA: AGENDA ITEMS ORGANIZED IN SECTIONS 87th Legislature Priorities Affecting Cities Tax Reform & Debt Issuance Water & Wastewater, Environment, & Sustainability Health & Prosperity Animal Services Public Infrastructure Transparent & Efficient Government Equity & Affordability Education, Economic & Workforce Development Homelessness Access for Individuals with Disabilities Parks Libraries Public Pension Systems Public Safety Transportation & Criminal Justice Aviation Reform Voting & Elections 12/3/2020 87th Legislative Agenda 9 DEVELOPING THE CITY’S LEGISLATIVE AGENDA: PRESERVING THE COMMUNITY’S VALUES Protect Austin residents’ right to govern themselves and work with their City government to adopt and enforce ordinances that address the health, safety, and public welfare of the community, including but not limited to, the ability to regulate earned sick leave, payday lending, and fair chance hiring. Oppose legislation that limits or prohibits the City’s current ability to communicate or advocate with legislators or limits or prohibits the authority of the Texas Municipal League to use any funds to communicate with legislators. 12/3/2020 87th Legislative Agenda 10 DEVELOPING THE CITY’S LEGISLATIVE AGENDA: THE PUBLIC SAFETY COMMISSION  Support continued funding and support of Police, Fire, and EMS operations, and oppose legislation that restricts their ability to effectively serve and protect the Austin community.  Support legislation that reduces gun violence in coordination with local law enforcement including legislation that would limit or prevent access to firearms by domestic abusers or, regulate and prevent access to bump stocks, and promote safe storage for firearms. Oppose legislation that would deregulate gun silencers/suppressors.  Support legislation to reduce the improper or excessive use of force by police, enhance implicit-bias and de-escalation training, expand civilian oversight of police departments, and improve relations between police and those they serve.  Support legislation that would improve a jurisdictions’ ability to investigate officer misconduct, enforce disciplinary actions, or prosecute officer misconduct.  Support legislation and funding to allow qualified medical and mental health professionals to safely perform related duties currently restricted to law enforcement officers, including the authority to detain and transfer an individual believed to have a mental illness and who is a substantial risk of serious harm to themselves or others.  Oppose legislation that restricts the City’s flexibility to effectively mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies and disasters, including flooding, wildfires, and public health disasters. 12/3/2020 87th Legislative Agenda 11 LEGISLATIVE SESSION: LOOKING FORWARD IGRO wants to work with you on a resolution in support of the agenda and lobby team. • Boards & Commissions can recommend additions to the legislative agenda to Council with a resolution to Council or reaching out directly to Council Members. IGRO presented the agenda to Council on September 17. The agenda can be amended at any time. • • • IGRO will also keep you updated throughout the session. 12/3/2020 87th Legislative Agenda 12 QUESTIONS? Brie L. Franco Intergovernmental Relations Officer Agenda: cfm?id=347683 12/3/2020 87th Legislative Agenda 13 Thank you 14