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Director’s Report November 2022 TABLE OF CONTENTS HIghlights __________________________________________________________________ 3 Facilities Services ____________________________________________________________ 4 FY2018 Bond Program Summary ___________________________________________________________ 4 Library Priorities ____________________________________________________________ 11 Literacy Advancement ___________________________________________________________________ 11 Equity, Diversity & Inclusion _______________________________________________________________ 11 Civic and Community Engagement _________________________________________________________ 11 Staff Development ______________________________________________________________________ 12 Workforce and Economic Development ______________________________________________________ 12 APL By the Numbers ________________________________________________________ 13 Collections Circulation October ____________________________________________________________ 13 HIGHLIGHTS Passport Services Passport Services are expanding! In addition to Passport Services already offered at Central Library, in early 2023 we will begin offering Passport Services at Spicewood Springs, Recycled Reads and Ruiz. School Partnerships School Partnerships Librarian Jenny Stirrat will be joining the Customer Access Team on November 21. Jenny will facilitate the library’s partnerships with local schools, especially those with student card programs. Welcome to Jenny! New Assistant Director, Support Services Please join me in congratulating Dinene Brown on her selection to the Assistant Director for Library Support Services job. Dinene has worked for the City of Austin for nearly 15 years. She began her career with the City as a Human Resources Consultant in the Employee Relations Division of the Corporate Human Resources Department. Dinene served as the Acting Employee Relations Manager, while the regular Employee Relations Manager was reassigned to a special project, known today as the Municipal Civil Service (MCS) Rules. Dinene held this Acting position until she was promoted to the Human Resources Manager job here at the Austin Public Library (APL), in August 2013. I appointed Dinene to the Interim Assistant Director for Library Support Services role in June 2022. Dinene holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Human Resource Management (from Tarleton State University), and a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in Marketing (from Texas State University). Additionally, in 2021, Dinene graduated from the City of Austin’s Executive Academy. Dinene holds a “Senior Certified Professional (SCP)” credential with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and a “Professional in Human Resources (PHR)” designation through the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI). As the Assistant Director for Library Support Services, Dinene will oversee the APL’s Human Resources Division (ACHR), Financial Services, the Security & Custodial Division (ASCS), and the Passport Services/Grants Office. Dinene will officially begin her new job on Sunday, November 20, 2022. Strategic Plan and Facility Master Plan The Strategic Planning process is nearing its final stages. There are community engagement pop-up events happening now to gather more input from the community. Then, in early December, our consultants will convene with the Library Management Team to make decisions about the future direction of the library using all of the information that has been gathered over the last 9 months. After that, reports will be drafted and revised until final reports are presented to the Library Commission and City Council for approval. FACILITIES SERVICES FY2018 Bond Program Summary Description The library’s 2018 Bond Program consists of fifteen improvement and renovation projects within the department’s facilities portfolio. The current spend-down graph and timeline for the library’s $34.5 M Capital Improvement Program is provided below. Obligations are projected to reach 90% of available appropriations mid-2024. The status, budget, and timelines for renovating and improving the library’s named facilities funded by Proposition B of the 2018 Bond is as follows. CLMP 180 2016 SITE / CIVIL PROJECTS Cepeda Branch Trail Current Phase: Design Development Project Plans have progressed beyond 60% and a QMD review will not be required. The Trail was intended to be designed to somewhere close to 90% Complete. The Public Works Sidewalk Division (PWSD) agreed to take schematic/90% drawings and “field engineer” as needed to meet existing site conditions and, build the trail connector under the 7th St. Bridge. Estimate pending with PWSD indicate that a significant cost increase will incur if site plans are necessary. The gate has been deleted, electrical in progress for Engineer to develop concept plan for site lighting and electrical for EV Stations. However, a site plan may be needed for permitting. Additional Services Next steps include requesting the Engineers Proposal for a code compliant site plan that includes the electrical scope and tweaked drainage, culvert crossing, and site detention. As the scope is expanding to meet code, there will be impacts to project budget and timeline. In addition, the design work requires a Contract Amendment with the Capital Contracts Office. It is also unclear if PWSD will construct the required water garden (detention) and culvert crossing. Budget • Appropriation $307,000 • Obligated $88,978 • Balance $218,022 Hampton at Oak Hill Parking Lot Expansion Current Phase: Pre-Design General: he Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) has been published and the updated budget and schedule are in development. The AOK parking lot expansion project is in the Barton Springs / Edwards Aquifer recharge zone. The existing stormwater control system / retention pond for the original site plan was permitted in 1997 and planned for 74 parking spaces to be constructed in 2 phases. Hard cost estimates were assembled by the Engineer. Soft cost is being assembled including cost for a full site plan. The final PER has been published with which now includes pond improvements. The final PER identified project requirements sufficient for design development. Next steps are 30 days to proposal, 90 days after to NTP assuming 9 months of design to 100% Construction Documents, 3 months through bid/award, Construction NTP 60 days after execution, Spring 2024 completion. Budget • Appropriation $751,000 • Obligated $104,133 • Balance $646,867 Impacts: The impact to the budget for upgrading the retention pond to meet current ECM requirements will not be fully understood until the PM budget update is complete. CLMP282 Archival Repository Expansion: Faulk Building & HistoryCenter Current Phase: Construction The Construction NTP was issued by the Capital Contracts Office (CCO) 1 Nov 2022. The Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) Contract was executed 04 Nov. 2022 between CoA and the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR). PWD issued the Construction Start NTP 04 Nov. 2022 and the CMAR completed the City required paperwork related to the workforce training program. Safety fencing has been installed at the site and next steps include hazardous material abatement. It is an active construction site with safety protocols requirements. Safe entrance will be provided to the History Center for staff and public access as coordinated with the Construction Contractor and ACFS. The three week look-ahead on the construction schedule includes: The installation of scaffolding of the North and West facades of the History Center, with the East entrance remaining open for staff and public entry and exit. Select tree removal, demolition and remediation inside the Faulk library, and stone removal on the History Center is also set to begin in November 2022. Per CCO recommendations an RCA for additional $2.5 Million for the CMAR and $70k for the Architect were also submitted for the 08 Dec 22 Council Agenda. Said requests include additional design services for a new chiller and increased construction budget for the CMAR that includes Budget • Appropriation $19,382,247 • Obligated $2,905,528 • Balance $16,476,718 high density archival storage furniture. The project has a one-year construction period which anticipates wrapping up by the end of 2023. AIPP has submitted for artist interest publicly. The call closes in December 2022, after which the appointment of a selection panel will commence. CLMP286 Interior Renovations: Old Quarry Branch; Little Walnut Creek Branch; Willie Mae Kirk Branch; Manchaca Road Branch Roof Replacement & Renovation; St. John Branch: Current Phase: Schematic Design Schematic design documents and construction cost estimate have been completed. Based on the construction cost estimate prepared by the cost estimating consultant, the library has elected to proceed into the next phase (design development) realizing that the project cost estimate is Budget • Appropriation $9,078,398 • Obligated $634,084 • Balance $8,444,314 Manchaca Road Branch higher than the construction budget. If total project cost exceeds the budget, the project must undergo a value engineering review at the end of design development phase. The Architect will be submitting design fee proposal for owner approval. Upon approval of design fee proposal, the design team will proceed with the design development phase. The project design will be further refined. Plan arrangements, specific space accommodations, equipment, and furnishings, building design, materials and colors, and complete definitions of all systems serving the project will be developed. All design decisions are completed during this phase to prepare for the next phase (construction documents). Construction document phase will begin upon approval of the design development phase and total project cost review. CLMP287 Roof Replacement & System Upgrades: Carver Branch; Howson Branch; Yarborough Branch Current Phase: Design Development Design development documents and construction cost estimate have been completed and submitted for Quality Management review on 11/02/2022. Based on the construction cost estimate prepared by the cost estimating consultant, the library has elected to proceed to the next phase. The Engineer has proceeded with the construction document phase, producing drawings and specifications establishing the requirements for project construction. Construction documents must be consistent with the project program, the construction budget, and the project schedule. The Engineer will incorporate review comments and/or edits in this phase. The Engineer has moved into the construction document phase of the project. Estimate 2-3 months duration. Upon approval of the construction document phase, the engineer will be submitting construction documents for plan review and building permit approval. Concurrently the owner will begin solicitation phase for bidding, award, and construction. Budget • Appropriation $4,060,150 • Obligated $675,468 • Balance $2,873,362 The 2018 Bond Program for the Library Department consists of fifteen improvement projects located across the City of Austin. LIBRARY PRIORITIES Literacy Advancement Cepeda Branch Youth Librarian Patrick went twice to Child Inc., on Brodie Lane to do outreach storytimes, and conducted an outreach storytime at UT Elementary for 70 students. Digital Inclusion & STEM Thanks to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, we now have access to over 50 new TexShare databases! The new resources cover genealogy, general research, health and wellness, academic sources, news, and tons of educational options for K-12 students and adult eLearning. All of these sources can be used outside the Library with an APL card or in the Library for everyone. Try them out! Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Diana Miranda-Murillo (Spanish World Languages Selector) went to LIBER book fair after receiving an invitation from the Spanish Embassy. She was able to purchase newly published Spanish titles and learn about different publishers as well as network with other librarians and people in the book field. Civic and Community Engagement The Howson team is stepping up by stepping out! This fall Howson Branch has partnered with the Good Shepherd Farmer’s Market and will be providing library services at the Farmer’s Market every Saturday for a 5 week stretch! The Howson Branch has used this opportunity to get outside of our building and reconnect with our community by providing a mini library, complete with on-the-spot library card creation. Howson’s presence also provides a free component to the market for customers who may not e able to afford purchasing goods from other vendors, but can still leave with something truly valuable – books! Staff Development October 21 was Staff Development and Appreciation Day for APL. All staff gathered at the Central Library for a day of training, inspiration, and opportunities to get to know each other better. Workforce and Economic Development Austin Public Library has launched SkillMill by Interplay Learning. SkillMill is a skilled trades training platform offering training courses on HVAC, solar, plumbing, electrical and more. Users can develop job skills at their own pace through expert-led video lessons and digital training simulations. APL BY THE NUMBERS Collections Circulation October • Digital materials 231,124 • Physical materials 370,593 Cardholders | Visitors • Total cardholders 436,659 • New cardholders 2,837 • Active cardholders 299,831 • Visitors 190,415 Programs | Attendance • Total programs 315 • New attendance 6,640 WiFi Use Connections 32,092 • Parking $271,198 • Event Space Rentals $344,556 • Central Gift Shop $189,418 • Passport Service $78,287 • Recycled Reads Book Store $126,166 • Total $1,009,625 Volunteers Roosevelt Weeks Director of Libraries Revenue Year to Date FY22 as of 8/31/2022 • 141 active volunteers, 1145 hours x $26.43/hr = $30,262 value (October 2022)