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item 3: Briefing on Board Training Materials from the Texas State Library — original pdf

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State Library resources for board members Katherine Adelberg Manager, Continuing Education and Consulting Texas State Library and Archives Commission Questions What comes easily for you in terms of advocacy? What do you see as your biggest advocacy challenge? What is United for Libraries? • Division of the American Library Association for board members and library advocates • TSLAC subscribes so you can use for free • Access via American Library Association eLearning website Getting to United for Libraries State access – Navigating United for Libraries Navigating United for Libraries United for Libraries on-demand webinars • A Conversation About Library Advocacy with Author Simon Sinek • Advocacy and Equity: How Library Boards Can Create Lasting Impact through Compelling Cases and Outreach • Advocacy for Your Library During a Crisis Other resources • Wyoming State Library webinar – Building Relationships That Matter • WebJunction webinar – Proactive Advocacy and Communication for Library Trustees and Staff • Urban Libraries Council brief – Leadership Roles for Library Trustees • Texas Library Association group – Library Friends, Trustees, and Advocates Round Table (LiFTA) Thank you! Contact TSLAC any time at Katherine Adelberg Manager, Continuing Education and Consulting 512-463-5465