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draft minutes of the September 26, 2022 Regular Meeting — original pdf

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Library Commission Meeting Minutes 26 September, 2022 REGULAR MEETING 26 September, 2022 THE LIBRARY COMMISSION MINUTES The Library Commission convened in a Regular Meeting on Monday, September 26, 2022 at the Spicewood Springs Branch, 8637 Spicewood Springs Rd., in Austin, Texas. Chair Smith called the Board Meeting to order at 6:02 p.m. Board Members in Attendance: Chair Mark Smith, Vice-Chair Lynda Infante Huerta, Commission Members Julia Aguilar, Pat Dabbert, JC Dwyer, Cristina Masters, Courtney Rosenthal, and Tori Vogel Board Members Absent: Commission Member Steven Self Public Communication: General None APPROVAL OF MINUTES 1. Approval of Minutes from the July 25, 2022 Regular Meeting The minutes of the regular meeting were approved on Commission Member Rosenthal’s motion and Vice Chair Infante Huerta’s second on an 8-0 vote. Commission Member Self absent. STAFF BRIEFINGS 2. Staff briefing regarding the FY23 Approved Austin Public Library Budget, Wendy Harrison, 3. Staff briefing regarding Austin Completely Booked: Your Summer Experience program, Alanna Financial Manager II Wendy Harrison gave the briefing. Graves, Summer Experience Coordinator Alanna Graves gave the briefing. DISCUSSION ITEMS 4. Discussion of Director’s Monthly Report for September covering public programming highlights, facilities, and APL Priorities Director of Libraries, Roosevelt Weeks, gave the report. Library Commission Meeting Minutes 26 September, 2022 DISCUSSION AND ACTION ITEMS 5. Report and possible action on Austin Public Library civic engagement activities. Creation of a Community Engagement Working Group was approved on Commission Member Dabbert’s motion and Commission Member Masters’ second on an 8-0 vote. Commission Member Self absent. Chair Smith appointed Commission Members Dwyer, Dabbert and Vogel and Vice Chair Infante Huerta to the working group. 6. Report and possible action on Digital Inclusion town halls and initiatives. Community Technology and Telecommunications Commission Chair Nehemiah Pitts gave the report. No action taken. 7. Report and possible action on Enhanced Library Cards Vice Chair Infante Huerta gave the report. No action taken. WORKING GROUP UPDATES 8. Update from the Freedom to Read working group Commissioner Rosenthal gave the update. FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS Presentation from the Texas State Library & Archives Commission re Board Training Marketing eBook Pricing Marketing Austin History Center Association report Freedom to Read Working Group Adjournment: Chair Smith adjourned the meeting at 7:59 p.m. without objection.