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Director’s Report August 2022 TABLE OF CONTENTS HIghlights __________________________________________________________________ 3 Facilities Services ____________________________________________________________ 5 FY2018 Bond Program Summary ___________________________________________________________ 5 FY2012 Bond Program Summary __________________________________________________________ 10 Library Priorities ____________________________________________________________ 11 Literacy Advancement ___________________________________________________________________ 13 Digital Inclusion & STEM ____________________________________________ Error! Bookmark not defined. Equity, Diversity & Inclusion _______________________________________________________________ 14 Civic and Community Engagement _________________________________________________________ 14 Staff Development ______________________________________________________________________ 14 Workforce and Economic Development ______________________________________________________ 14 APL By the Numbers ________________________________________________________ 15 Collections Circulation July _______________________________________________________________ 15 HIGHLIGHTS Disruption in service expected from August 30 - September 1 Our library card system will experience disruptions from August 30 – September 1. Here is what you need to know: • August 30 (morning) - There will be 1-2 hours of complete downtime where you won’t be able to: • Log into your account • Use Virtual Library • Get a new library card or renew one • Reset your pin • Receive notices from customer service • *Additionally, there will be delays with holds that have been placed. • Get a new library card or renew one • Reset your pin • Receive notices from customer service • *Additionally, there will be delays with holds that have been placed. September 2: Services will return to normal. August 30 – September 1 - We will experience some disruption of the above services, and you may not be able to: Sunday Hours Returning to Austin Public Library Locations Starting Sept. 11 Six Austin Public Library locations will be opening and offering services on Sundays, beginning September 11, 2022. The Central Library, four branch libraries, and the Austin History Center will be open to the public from 12 - 5 p.m. on Sundays for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We are thrilled that we will be able to return to providing library services to the Austin community seven days a week,” stated Austin Public Library Director Roosevelt Weeks. “We know that many in the community appreciated the convenience of being able to access their libraries on Sundays, and I am pleased that we have the capacity to bring back this service.” . Austin Public Library has been gradually expanding hours and services since closing in-person services in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, several locations did offer Sunday hours, but when Austin Public Library expanded service hours in March 2022, Sunday hours could not be restored due to staffing shortages. The Library has prioritized filling vacancies as quickly as possible in order to restore Sunday services. The six locations, which will be open to the public from 12 - 5 p.m. on Sundays starting September 11, are: Austin Central Library 710 W. César Chávez St. Austin History Center 810 Guadalupe St. Little Walnut Creek Branch 835 W. Rundberg Ln. Manchaca Road Branch 5500 Menchaca Rd. Ruiz Branch 1600 Grove Blvd. Spicewood Springs Branch 8637 Spicewood Springs Rd. Sunday hours are returning to Austin Public Library locations starting September 11, 2022 Project Plans have progressed beyond 60% and a QMD review will not be required. Electrical consultant is finalizing design to take the project to 90%. The Engineer’s Opinion of Probable Construction Cost (OPCC) was which totaled $159,226 was released 07 Jul 2022. The OPCC is not the PM Budget and do not contain cost that are typically associated with City Capital Projects. It is understood that the OPCC is a statement of probable construction cost only. Next steps include a PM / FACILITIES SERVICES FY2018 Bond Program Summary Description The library’s fifteen (15) 2018 Bond Funded Capital Improvement Projects are active. All are progressing through Design Development. The Library’s August 2022 Capital Improvement Project Summaries are as follows. CLMP180 2016 Site/Civil Cepeda Branch Trail Sponsor Project Budget review. Schedule • Project Plans 19 Sept 2022 • Budget Update 26 Aug 2022 • Project Plans 19 Sept 2022 • Permits 24 Oct 2022 • Construction Start 14 Nov 2022 Budget • Appropriation $307,000 • Obligated $88,978 • Balance $218,022 Note: PWD’s Special Projects Division (PWD-SPD) agreed to construct the trail. However, the security gate that will be installed on the north fence at the 7th St. Bridge is presenting a problem. Apparently, the gate makes the project trail inaccessible to the public. The PWD-SPD projects need to be always fully accessible. We are discussing options with PWD that will allow PWD-SPD to continue to work with the library to complete the trail project as noted. Impacts: The PWD’s Special Projects Division trail accessibility concerns has the potential to create a roadblock in completing the trail project. In addition, the PM Budget update may reveal gap in available construction funding. Hampton at Oak Hill Parking Lot Expansion Current Phase: Pre-Design, Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) 100% Complete. General: The AOK parking lot expansion project is in the Barton Springs / Edwards Aquifer recharge zone. The existing stormwater control system / retention pond for the original site plan was permitted in 1997 and planned for 74 parking spaces to be constructed in 2 phases. The permitting of the proposed 30 parking space expansion as the current and proposed 30 space parking lot expansion, the Hampton Branch Library and existing retention/irrigation system share the existing 12-acre site. The final PER has been published with Engineer’s estimate of cost which now includes pond improvements. Next steps include the PM Budget Update and CCO Consultant Amendment to begin the design phase of the project. Schedule • Budget Update 26 Aug 2022 • Consultant Agreement 09 Jan 2023 • Parking Lot Design 09 Jan 2023 Budget • Appropriation $751,000 • Obligated $104,133 • Balance $646,867 Impacts: The impact to the budget for upgrading the retention pond to meet current ECM requirements will not be fully understood until the PM budget update is complete. • CLMP282 Archival Repository Faulk Building & History Center Renovation: Pitch Package is still at the CCO for final execution. The GC came in with a very high-cost estimate and the PM requested that they go back and relook at the depth of the estimation. investigation is pending CCO approval. The Cx Agent made initial comments to the 60% set and will review the 90% this month. The masonry General: RCA for additional $1.2 Million is on hold. We are waiting until pricing is posted to decide how much to request in increase. The Bid opening is still Aug 5th. We will then review and start GMP paperwork. The Bid opening occurred Aug. 5th and is under review. Next steps include starting the GMP paperwork. Pitch Package is still at the CCO for final execution. The GC came in with a very high-cost estimate and the PM requested that they go back and relook at the depth of the estimation. The Cx Agent made initial comments to the 60% set and will review the 90% this month. The masonry investigation is pending CCO approval. Budget • Appropriation $19,382,247 • Obligated $2,744,182 • Balance $16,638,065 Schedule • Construction Fence 14 Sept 2022 (estimated) • Select Demolition 14 Sept 2022 (estimated) • Construction NTP (T.B.D.) Impacts: None currently CLMP286 Interior Renovations: Old Quarry Branch; Little Walnut Creek Branch; Willie Mae Kirk Branch; Manchaca Road Branch Roof Replacement & Renovation; St. John Branch: Schematic: Little Walnut Creek Current Phase: Schematic Design (SD) 100% Complete, all five interior renovation projects are active and currently in design. The Architects Statement of Probable Cost for construction totals $6.4Million. The scope includes code-required compulsory scope items. PM’s Architectural Budget Construction Amount totals $5.2 Million. The scope includes but is not limited to code- required compulsory scope items and add alternates. The Furniture, Interior Design, and Installation Cost totals $2.3 Million for upgrades to all five branches. The Architect Statement of Probable Cost and Furniture and Design combined cost total $8.7 Million without the soft cost typically assigned to City projects. Next steps include a budget / scope reconciliation with the design team and project manager. Budget • Appropriation $9,138,398 • Obligated $634,084 • Balance $8,504,314 Schedule • The design and construction schedule will be revised upon completion of the budget /scope reconciliation noted above. CLMP287 Roof Replacement & System Upgrades: Carver Branch; Howson Branch; Yarborough Branch Current Phase: Design Development The Consultant has completed the 60% Complete Construction Documents for Howson. The design work for the Roofing Replacement and HVAC Replacement at Carver and Yarborough is progressing. The HVAC Building Automation Systems (BAS) will be updated for remote access. The library is requiring the use of thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) single ply roofing overlay to extend the life cycle of the existing roofing • Construction Documents Complete 18 Sept 2022 (estimated) • Bid / Award Phase Complete 17 Oct 2022 (estimated) • Construction Award Contract by Council 18 Mar 2023 (estimated) Budget • Appropriation $3,548,830 • Obligated $675,468 • Balance $2,873,362 systems. Schedule The 2018 Bond Program for the Library Department consists of fifteen improvement projects located across the City of Austin. FY2012 Bond Program Summary Description Proposition 18: Library, Museums and Cultural Facilities Cepeda Branch Library Renovation Cepeda Branch Renovation is complete. Branch re- opening occurred on 06 Aug. 2022. The branch is in the post construction-warranty phase. Delivery and supply chain issues with several end panels for shelving required substitutions so that re-opening would not be impacted. Although project close out activities have begun, the substitute shelving components will be exchanged once the products become available. Budget • Appropriation $1,264,706 • Obligated $1,257,339 • Balance $7,367 Schedule • Shelving End Panel Delivery T.B.D. Impacts: The materials supply chain delay has created a domino effect, also delaying shelving the rest of the collections, installing wayfinding signs, and final cleaning. Reopening signage Interior renovations Cepeda Branch exterior AUSTIN HISTORY CENTER Programming & Outreach Latinx Community Archivist, Marina Islas conducted part one of an oral history with Leticia “Garza” Rodriguez. Leti is a talented artist, dancer, performer, teacher, and musician who has been actively creative in Austin for nearly 40 years. She has worked and produced performances alongside folks such as the Sharir Dance Company, National Dance Institute, Atzlan Folklorico Dance Company, Teatro Vivo, and many others. In addition to being a prolific renaissance woman, her family is one of the first Mexican American families to settle in Austin. Asian Pacific American Community Archivist, Ayshea Khan conducted an interview with Asian Texans for Justice Fellow, Alishba Javaid, for AAPI Texas curriculum advocacy project.; made a presentation with CoA Housing & Internship Program; and prepared the AAPI Communities in Austin American-Statesman Traveling Exhibition (to be displayed at the Asian American Resource Center, September 2022) Curator of Archives, Molly Hults, is working on Reparative Archival Description and discussed next steps with a working group meeting to discuss Oakwood Cemetery database. Collections Archival Collections Digitization and Metadata • Processing Archivist Kelly Harrell registered 10 donations, 14.08 linear feet, 5.45 GB • AHC received additions to two collections, the Wednesday Morning Music Club Records (AR.1997.005) and the Bobo Family Papers (AR.2002.034). • New Collections Processed: Staff worked on finding aids for 2 collections: AR.2018.037 Alpha Kappa Sigma Philos Scrapbook and AR.2021.002 Almaree Owens Scrapbook • Curator of Archives, Molly Hults, surveyed 40+ years of cemetery ledgers to answer questions about data consistency. • Indonesian Diaspora Network Records (AR.2016.066) processing completed and published to TARO: • Armenian Church of Austin Records (AR.2018.045) processing completed and published to TARO: • African American Community Archivist, Jacque Smith-Francis corresponded with Ms. Almaree Owens to develop a biography to begin the process of making a finding aid for her Anderson High memorabilia. • • Imaging Archivist, Vanessa Hutchins, created 23 images for archival collections Imaging Archivist, Vanessa Hutchins, Captured and processed 148 images for AR-2020-010, the Post- Custodial collection for donor/partner Leticia Rodriguez, exports and file naming remains. • Audiovisual Archivist, Afsheen Nomai, processed ATXN/Channel 6 Collection (AR.2012.001) and digitized video files from Cinematexas (AR.2007.020); AMN (AR.2001.007); ACTV (AR.2007.015); Austin Women’s Club (AR.2000.008) Public Services / Reference: Research was conducted on the following requests: • Assisted patron with her project looking at change in assessed values in tax records for Wheatville before and after the 1928 plan. • Assisted Smithsonian Fellow with resources related to BIPOC LGBTQ+ history in Texas. • Received an inquiry about whether the AHC had a collection or information about the Kingburger Drive- in, a restaurant that had two Austin locations in the 1970s. Volunteer Projects July was packed for Ian and Aaryan, our two interns from the Austin Public Health Emerging Leaders Summer Internship Program. AHC arranged for them to virtually meet Dr. Joel Green, Instrument Scientist at the Space Telescope Science Institute; and Climate Mitigation Specialist, Dr. Sara Diamond of USAID. We also took a field trip to the UT campus to meet Meteorologist Troy Kimmel of the Department of Geography and Environment. While on campus we also participated in Dr. Ted Gordon’s virtual Racial Geography Tour and learned a lot about the racial history of UT. Aaryan’s research project was to conduct oral histories regarding the Large Hadron Collider that was proposed to be built around Austin and he was able to complete two. Ian’s project was to research the history of weather and natural disaster in Austin and provide a presentation based on his findings. Both of them presented their experiences and their research findings to a handful of staff on July 20th. (Latinx Community Archivist, Marina Islas) LIBRARY PRIORITIES Literacy Advancement Music and Movement Storytime is a hit! At the start of our summer storytime session, we added this specialized program that supports not only early literacy but also executive function and gross motor skills critical for children’s success in school and at home. Banned Camp –We’ve had over 200 participants attend Banned Camp programs this summer, one of which was featured in an NBC National News story. The featured program was led by teens from Vandegrift High’s Banned Book Club, who were hired to lead a workshop in how teens can get involved in the conversation around banned books based on their own experiences. One teen audience member shared his story about advocating for books in Eanes ISD. Other teens left saying they “learned a lot” about book banning and that they “didn’t realize book banning was still happening today. ”Parents attending a Banned Camp storytime presented by Jessica Tessler from Little Walnut, were eager to play “Banned Book Trivia” prior to the storytime, where they were quizzed on why different books were banned and then surprised them with the answers, which often amazed parents. One family drove all the way down from Georgetown to participate and promised to attend the last Banned Camp storytime in August. Digital Inclusion & STEM Central reference librarian Kate spent an hour helping a senior new computer user sign up for an email account and navigate the DPS website to find, fill out, print, pay for and submit the forms he needed for his chauffeur's permit. He had never had to do tasks like these before and noted, “I never could have done this on my own. I’m so glad the library helps with this.” The Tech Time program series has returned to the Central Library. The program has moved from the Training Room to the 2nd floor to be more visible for customers who may just stop by the tables for help rather than coming in for a class. Music Lab Strikes a Chord –Dr. Bleep, a visiting presenter from ACC’s music production team, led a popular workshop in July, serving teens. There teens learned how to build a circuit, converting power in the form of electrical current into a signal that could be modified on a breadboard: a special kind of circuit-board for building circuits by hand. Then, it was converted into sound signal, and students were able to hear the output as electronic sound: a very tangible result of their efforts. We will be doing more of these sessions in the future, as the response from participants was enthusiastic. Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Zach Shlachter, one of the library’s Community Resource Coordinator, was very active at Terrazas Branch working and meeting with staff on several issues. Zack was able to assist one of regular customers with getting housing in Manor after the person was unsuccessful in obtaining housing in Travis County. He has assisted people with getting rent paid, Id’s, taking exams, SNAP, lining people up with the Food Bank, and a host of other things. Another accomplishment that he was able to do was help a homeless couple with a baby get lined up for services like cash assistance that helped them get phones and connected with LifeWorks who put them up in a motel until as they seek approval for permanent housing .Civic and Community Engagement Requests for Central library tours and community presentations have increased. Adult Services staff will present to three separate community groups at their meeting locations in early August. Additionally, our Central Library art tour launched in July and is a resounding success. Almost every art tour has reached capacity. Central also offers public tours hosted by volunteer guides. Summer Bash–Jessica Tessler, Little Walnut Creek Branch’s youth librarian, planned a Circus-themed Summer Bash with STEM crafts, performers, snacks, and VR carnival experiences. We partnered with Austin Voices who offered a food pantry, Covid-19 vaccines and free backpacks at the YMCA across the street and had 465 attendees. It was wonderful to welcome the community with our first large event since the pandemic. Staff Development A few APL staff attended the American Library Association (ALA) Conference in Washington, DC in June 2022. Attendees were asked to write a reflection about their time at conference. The reflections were not only to document the great ideas they learned about, but also to share what new insights they gained and how they will shape the way they approach their work going forward. Workforce and Economic Development David M., a Yarborough Branch customer left this comment card, “This place means so much to me. It helped me become the person I am today. I moved to Austin in 2007 and did not have a job or the money for internet. I came here and job searched for several hours every day. I also checked out / read business books to make myself a better marketing pro. I finally got a marketing job to launch my career. Fifteen years later, I am the head of a marketing department, home owner, and father of two girls. Thanks!” APL BY THE NUMBERS Collections Circulation July • Digital materials 248,123 • Physical materials 211,236 Cardholders | Visitors • Total cardholders 445,871 • New cardholders 3,460 • Active cardholders 314,570 • Visitors 163,004 WiFi Use Connections 29,256 Revenue Year to Date FY22 as of 7/31/2022 • Parking $241,048 • Event Space Rentals $302,214 • Central Gift Shop $167,408 • Passport Service $65,616 • Recycled Reads Book Store $113,596 • Total $889,882 Volunteers • Roosevelt Weeks Director of Libraries 557 active volunteers, 4,048 hours x $26.43/hr = $106,988 value (Oct 2021 – July 2022)