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Director’s Report July 2022 TABLE OF CONTENTS HIghlights __________________________________________________________________ 3 Facilities Services ____________________________________________________________ 5 FY2018 Bond Program Summary ___________________________________________________________ 5 FY2012 Bond Program Summary ___________________________________________________________ 9 Library Priorities ____________________________________________________________ 10 Literacy Advancement ___________________________________________________________________ 11 Digital Inclusion & STEM _________________________________________________________________ 11 Equity, Diversity & Inclusion _______________________________________________________________ 11 Civic and Community Engagement _________________________________________________________ 11 Staff Development ______________________________________________________________________ 12 Workforce and Economic Development ______________________________________________________ 12 APL By the Numbers ________________________________________________________ 13 Collections Circulation June _______________________________________________________________ 13 HIGHLIGHTS Austin Completely Booked Join us for Austin Completely Booked, your summer learning experience! The Austin Public Library wants you to read, explore, and create with us this summer! Reading and learning are important all year, but in the summer it is especially important to be an active reader and learner. The Austin Public Library wants you to spend your summer with us. Austin Completely Booked is a great way for us to experience the summer together, and to keep learning. Come Read, Explore and Create with us! Plus, we’re giving away prizes for folks who complete the challenge! (While supplies last.) All ages are welcome, and there are three ways to participate: • #1 – Collect a paper form (available in English and Spanish) and a set of crayons from any library branch to use as your activity sheet. Follow the directions on the sheet and color in your badges along the way to play! • #2 – Create an Austin Completely Booked account at! Follow the instructions on this page and join our community-wide challenge! • #3 – Create an Austin Completely Booked account via the Beanstack app from your preferred device. *To download the app, follow these instructions and learn more at • Download the Beanstack app on your device • Choose participation "at my library" • Search for and Select Austin Public Library • Create your account (username and password) • Register for Austin Completely Booked • Then, join the fun! How do you complete the challenge? To complete the program and be eligible for a prize you must: • Log 10 hours of reading time over the summer • Complete 5 activity badges by reading, exploring, and creating in your chosen badge categories How do I claim a prize after completing the Austin Completely Booked challenge? *Note: Different prizes are available for youth and adults. There are two ways to claim your prize! • #1 – Bring your completed activity form to any library branch to claim your prize. You may turn your forms into the front desk! • #2 – Visit any library branch to collect your prize! Our staff will look your account up in our system to confirm that you completed the challenge. Check out our Austin Completely Booked community to get signed up today! The Cepeda Branch Library is Back! Join us for the Cepeda Branch Grand Re-Opening Party, Saturday, August 6, 2022, 10 a.m. to noon. Festivities will include a ribbon cutting ceremony and a musical performance by The Bronze Band. Other highlights include crafts, origami, a photo booth, and rock painting. The Cepeda Branch Grand Re-Opening Party will be held Saturday, August 6, 10 a.m. to noon. Increased Voter Registration at Austin Public Libraries Austin Public Library is partnering with Travis County to promote voter registration at Austin Public Library locations. Beginning Saturday, July 30, Volunteer Deputy Registrars (VDRs) from Travis County will be on hand at Central Library and APL branches for 2 hours every Saturday. The VDRs will help people complete new voter registration or update existing voter registration records. . FACILITIES SERVICES FY2018 Bond Program Summary Description The library’s fifteen (15) 2018 Bond Funded projects are active and are in various stages of the Design Development phase. Design for the Faulk / History Center is 100% complete and the project is in the Bid/Award Pase. Roofing upgrades for Spicewood Springs and Ruiz Branches are 100% complete. The July BOND Program summary is as follows: • CLMP180 2016 Site/Civil: Hampton at Oak Hill Parking Lot Expansion & Cepeda Branch Trail: Current Phase: Design Development 90% complete Cepeda Branch Trail – The consultant has trail portion ready for QMD review, electrical scope is in progress. General: Public Works Department will provide the construction services to install the trail that will connect to the Govalle Neighborhood. Project goals include automatic gate for pedestrians, electric vehicle charging stations for the Cepeda Branch, site lighting and paved walkway from Gonzales St. to the Cepeda Branch. Schedule • 100% Plans Permit Submission Aug 8, 2022 • Final Permit Approval Aug 30, 2022 • Construction Phase Start Aug 13, 2022 • Substantial Completion Mar 31, 2023 Budget • Appropriation $307,000 • Obligated $88,978.37 • Balance $218,021.63 Note: PWD Class 3 Budget Estimate dated Apr 15, 2022, totals $468,864. Said amount reflects a preliminary funding gap that totals ($161,864). Impacts: The preliminary funding gap to the Class 3 Budget Estimate is not final. Impacts will not be fully understood until revisions to the Project’s Class 3 Budget Estimate is complete. Hampton at Oak Hill Parking Lot Expansion Current Phase: Pre-Design, Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) 100% Complete. General: The AOK parking lot expansion project is in the Barton Springs / Edwards Aquifer recharge zone. The existing stormwater control system / retention pond for the original site plan was permitted in 1997 and planned for 74 parking spaces to be constructed in 2 phases. Phase 1 which consist of 50 parking spaces included a retention/irrigation system capable of treating the entirety of the phase 1 and 2 calculated water quality volume. The proposed Phase 2 parking lot expansion includes the removal of 6 parking spaces and the construction of an additional 30 spaces, which will bring the parking space total to 74. The City’s Environmental Criteria Manual (ECM) for the Barton Springs / Edwards Aquifer recharge zone has changed since the initial library design in 1997. The PER recommends improvements to the existing retention/irrigation system. Improvements are necessary to meet current ECM / City permitting requirements. The PER recommends that the retention pond improvement occur prior to the design and permitting of the proposed 30 parking space expansion as the current and proposed 30 space parking lot expansion, the Hampton Branch Library and existing retention/irrigation system share the existing 12-acre site. The PERs Cost Estimate for recommended improvements including the 30-space parking lot expansion and 30% contingency totals $573,319. The PER Cost Estimate is the Consultant’s opinion of probable construction cost only. Said cost does not reflect the City’s / PWD Project Budget Estimate for similar services. The PWD Project Budget Estimate along with Phasing Options to advance the project will be forthcoming in the next 30 days. Schedule • PER complete June 2022 Budget • Appropriation $751,000 • Obligated $104,133.01 • Balance $646,866.99 • PWD Project Budget / w Phasing Options August 2022 Impacts: The impact of the retention pond improvement to meet current ECM requirements and parking lot expansion by 30 spaces will not be fully known until the PWD Project Budget Estimate is submitted. CLMP282 Archival Repository Faulk Building & History Center Renovation: Current Phase: Bidding, Permitting and 100% CDs General: RCA for additional $1.2 Million is on hold. The project team is waiting until pricing is posted on August 1 to decide how much to request in increase. The Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) solicitation was advertised third week of June. The project team held an onsite bidder walk Wednesday June 28 at 10 a.m. with SMBR in attendance. The Bid opening was asked to shift from Aug. 1 to Aug 5th due to two city projects have the same proposal deadline. This will ensure more bidder competition. HVAC testing prior to construction start has been discussed to eliminate additional risk of change orders. This will be pending and be done prior to construction. (August) Pitch Package Request: Contract is still in CCOs court to execute. The deadline has slipped a couple times. The GC also came back with a very high-cost estimate proposal for this additional work and the PM asked that they go back and relook at the depth of estimation. This is a very high- level pricing exercise that was anticipated to be 10k of estimation scope. Cx Agent made initial comments to the 60% set and will also review the 90% this month. CMAR Spawglass: SpawGlass (SG) has started the solicitation. See above for additional information. The masonry investigation is still pending CCO approval, but SG is ready when approved. We may include a second investigation per another masonry subs comments about the cornice work. This work is one of two large unknowns, and it very worth our while to pay $2-3k in more investigation before starting work on something that can potentially double in labor cost. Budget • Appropriation $19,382,247 • Obligated $2,738, 882.18 • Balance $16,643,364.82 Schedule • Construction Documents 100% July 2022 • Select Demolition August 2022 • Construction NTP August 2022 Impacts: None currently • CLMP286 Interior Renovation Projects – Old Quarry Branch Renovation; Little Walnut Creek Branch Renovation; Willie Mae Kirk Branch Renovation; Manchaca Road Branch Roof Replacement & Renovation; St. John Branch Renovation Current Phase: Schematic Design (SD) 100% Complete Schematic Design submittal to the library occurred April 29, 2022. A review meeting was held June 2, 2022. The project estimate will be updated prior to finalizing detailed scope items and going forward to design development. The Library Department confirmed that Council action will not be necessary to enter contract with Demco for Interior Design Services and Furnishings. Schedule • Schematic Design Phase Complete June 2022 • Design Development Start August 2022 • Competitive Sealed Proposal (CSP) Selection August 2023 • CLMP287 Roof Replacement & System Upgrades – Carver Branch; Howson Branch; Yarborough Branch Current Phase: Design Development The Consultant has completed the 60% Complete Construction Documents for Howson. The design work for the Roofing Replacement and HVAC Replacement at Carver and Yarborough is progressing. The HVAC Building Automation Systems (BAS) will be updated for remote access. The library is requiring the use of thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) single ply roofing overlay to extend the life cycle of the existing roofing systems. Schedule • Construction Documents 30 / 60 / 90 percent - Complete Sept 18, 2022 • Bid / Award Phase Start – Complete Oct 17, 2022 • Construction Award Contract by Council – Mar 18, 2023 All timelines are estimates and subject to change without notice. Construction starts will be staggered by branch location to minimize impacts to existing levels of service. The 2018 Bond Program for the Library Department consists of fifteen improvement projects located across the City of Austin. FY2012 Bond Program Summary Description • Proposition 18: Library, Museums and Cultural Facilities Cepeda Branch Library Renovation The project is substantially complete and in the post warranty phase. On July 18, 2022, PWD assigned Alison Von Stein, Capital Delivery Project Manager to oversee project close-out, General Contractor final payments and warranty. ACFS Project Coordinator Megan Stanford is coordinating move in and branch re-opening activities. 66” shelving end-panels were created from existing stock. The work allowed for the stabilization of the shelving units and scheduling of reopening while awaiting the anticipated end-panel shipment. Shelving End Panels – Cepeda Branch Upon receiving the back-ordered shelving end panels, the new end panels will be switch with the ones created from existing stock. The branch re-opening is scheduled for Saturday August 6, 2022. Appropriation $1,264,706; Obligated $1,257,338.18; Balance $7,372.82 Budget / Cost Schedule • Substantial Completion – Jan 24, 2022 • Warranty Period Start – Jan 24, 2022 end panels) Impacts: No known impacts • Reopening – Aug 6, 2022 (Reopening delay due to manufacturer supply chain issues for 66” shelving • • AUSTIN HISTORY CENTER Programming & Outreach Asian Pacific American Community Archivist, Ayshea Khan, revised the online iteration of Pioneers of East: Early Chinese Families of Austin. African American Community Archivist, Jacque Smith-Francis, conducted a Juneteenth Presentation at the Westbank library on June 15 and shared Austin History Center resources at the Citywide and Carver Museum Juneteenth Celebration on June 18 Administrative Assistant, Jude Kinne, is planning History of Austin Pride traveling exhibit schedule (leading up to Pride Prom in June 2023). Collections Archival Collections Digitization and Metadata: 61 images for archival collections were created. A custom script was created in Ruby to automate item-level XML metadata based on filename information, for 641 files (PDFs pf the Signal Smoke Periodical). Command line processes (shell script) were documented to begin the workflows, how to install the Ruby gem that script depends on (steps that can be done in less than a minute). • AR.1996.022 Robert Goodwin Photography o Recent accession 738 born digital files; .029GB • AR.2020.010 Leticia Rodriguez Collection (post-custodial) • Appraisal (complete) of AR.2007.020 Cinematexas International Short Film Festival Records (over 80,000 • Preliminary survey and counts of Austin American-Statesman Photograph acquisition 1981-circa 2012 files to scan through) completed: Approx. 3 million negatives Public Services / Reference: Research was conducted on the following requests: • Colleen Goodhue - photos of enslaved people and plantations 1860s • Charles Davis - Everly Driscoll papers • Dana Green - newspaper articles and obituary search • Via email correspondence, I provided extensive research and assistance to Diane Rogers, who was preparing to participate in a Juneteenth reenactment at Pioneer Farms, regarding how word traveled from Galveston to Austin regarding Juneteenth and the appropriate terminology when doing reenactments related to or in conversation with African American communities. LIBRARY PRIORITIES Literacy Advancement They hope to start the programming in August. Milwood Branch is moving forward with a partnership with Austin Japan Community for Japanese storytimes. APL’s Virtual Summer Reading Program Austin Completely Booked has seen readers of all ages log over 800,000 minutes of reading since the program started in June. Digital Inclusion & STEM Southeast Branch has noticed more people on Saturdays requiring the services on the Digital Navigator on site. They are currently working with Austin Free Net to secure a second Digital Navigator. Equity, Diversity & Inclusion APL Equity Officer, Carmaleta McKinnis-Williams hosted the 1st EDI Team Recognition /Appreciation Luncheon featuring Director Weeks. The intimate staff setting was designed to celebrate many of the following but not limited to team milestones accomplished in less than a year; i.e. the EDI Team Re-launch, Monthly EDI Team lunch and learns; championing branch APL EDI 12 Month Action Plans/discussions; tackling difficult conversations centering APL policies and procedures; topics inspired by the Urban Library Council academic papers: “Trigger Terms”; crafting and publishing The APL Equity statement; collaborating with ACOM to design and distribute The APL EDI Desktop Reference tool for every staff member; and recent ULC 360 Edge Anti- Racism results, etc. Director Weeks expressed his appreciation for the group’s accomplishments, encouraging them to continue; and the importance of EDI being everyone’s responsibility that is included in all The APL “Library for ALL” priorities. Civic and Community Engagement The Terrazas Branch Beautification Project was completed this month with the help of the East Cesar Chavez Neighborhood Plan Contact Team. With support from the Austin History Center, Windsor Park Branch organized and moderated their first Austin Oral History Project interview with life-long St. John resident and local Griot, Ms. Bettye Taylor. As the series develops, Windsor Park staff hope to create more opportunities for Austinites to share and hear each other’s stories. Each session will be recorded for the History Center. Staff Development With fall approaching, APL is also approaching the annual 2022 Staff Development and Appreciation Day in October. A team of staff have been working hard to prepare this event and ensuring that it features a large number of opportunities for staff to learn from one another and from other experts in our work, as well as to relax and unwind and celebrate our accomplishments In 2023, we will have four Staff Development Days throughout the year, each based around a different theme or area of our work: Outreach and Engagement, Technology and Innovation, Literacy, and Staff Development. Workforce and Economic Development At the Ruiz Branch, long time regular, Rodrigo, a recent arrival to the U.S. from Burundi, was able to get a job with Amazon thanks in part to the one-to-one assistance he received. For two weeks, 20 hours per week, Yarborough Branch hosted a student participating in the Texas Workforce Commission/Region XIII JOBS (Job Opportunities for Blind Students) program. Their student, John, did a fine job and is continuing to volunteer at Yarborough through the summer until he returns to school. APL BY THE NUMBERS Collections Circulation June • Digital materials 233,345 • Physical materials 222,702 Cardholders | Visitors • Total cardholders 441,981 • New cardholders 3,274 • Active cardholders 283,997 • Visitors 160,667 WiFi Use Connections 27,102 Revenue Year to Date FY22 as of 6/30/2022 • Parking $208,289 • Event Space Rentals $286,979 • Central Gift Shop $149,117 • Passport Service $58,038 • Recycled Reads Book Store $102,892 • Total $805,315 Volunteers • 456 volunteers, 2,506 hours x $26.43/hr = $66,234 value Roosevelt Weeks Director of Libraries