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Potential Fare Programs Library Commission| July 25, 2022 Agenda • Agency Core Values • Potential Fare Programs powered by Amp technology: • Fare Capping: a system to reduce riders’ spending in a day and month • Equifare: a new discounted fare program for income-eligible riders • Community Engagement & Partnerships • Next Steps 2 Agency Core Values INNOVATION EQUITY SUSTAINABILITY TRANSPARENCY SAFETY 3 CapMetro wants to make our fares more equitable. We know that our customers pay for their transit passes one trip at a time instead of taking advantage of the savings that come with day or monthly passes. Proposed Fare Programs powered by Amp technology Fare Capping Equifare Fare capping reduces how much riders pay for their trips in a day or month. An additional discounted fare category for income-eligible customers 4 What is Fare Capping? Fare capping allows riders to earn or contribute towards a day pass or month pass one ride at a time, rather than paying up front. Fare capping ensures that customers: • Never pay more than the total cost of a Day Pass in a calendar day • $2.50 • $41.25 • Never pay more than the total cost of a monthly pass in a calendar month 5 Fare Capping – Daily Cap When you pay for 2 single rides in one day, you earn a Daily Cap and ride free the rest of the day. Your daily spending is capped at $2.50 total! 6 Fare Capping - Monthly Cap When you pay for 33 single rides in a calendar month, you earn a Monthly Cap, and ride free the rest of the month. • Your monthly spending is capped at $41.25 total vs. $75 for 30 days of day passes • Monthly Cap • 33 Paid Rides • 17 Days of Riding • Benefit: ride free up to 14 days per calendar month 7 How to Get Fare Capping: Amp Technology • Get Amp, by physical card or CapMetro App • Load money to your account - this is called stored value! • Re-load money to Amp as needed online or at one of 250+ participating retailers or the Transit Store • Contactless Payment: • Tap your card or scan your app to pay from your stored value, reducing your balance by the cost of a single ride • Amp tracks how many single rides you pay for to give you a Daily or Monthly Cap  You cannot use fare capping without Amp 8 Retailer Map CapMetro Retail Network 9 What Else Does Amp Do? In addition to fare capping, Amp gives eligible customers access to our two discounted fare programs: Current: Reduced Fare • 50% off Standard Fare transit passes for: o Seniors 65 and older* o Medicare card holders* o Active-duty military personnel o Riders with disabilities* • *50% rate required by FTA for these categories Additional: Equifare (Proposed) 11 What is Equifare? • A potential fare program that offers discounted fares for income-eligible customers • Income-eligible customers may apply online or at the Transit Store to receive a discounted fare through the Amp account • Equifare customers will also take advantage of fare capping – adding additional savings for riders each month 12 New Fare Structure 13 Equifare Eligibility • Potential programs that could verify eligibility* • Medicaid Program • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) • Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) • Telephone Lifeline Program • Travis County Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) • Medical Access Program (MAP) • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) • Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) • OR if you Household income less than 200% of Federal Poverty Level *Same eligibility requirements used for City of Austin Customer Assistance Program utility discounts. 14 Potential Equifare Best Practices • Best practices for application and enrollment • Paper and online application and enrollment • Address and eligibility verification through local organization • Self-verification (honor-based) • Income Verification documentation • 24-month rolling enrollment • Pop-up events • Collaboration with social service programs and organizations 15 How can we work together to create impact? How can we partner with the library system for roll-out and implementation? Potential Collaborations: • Distributing free paper bus passes to branches for library patrons • Hosting pop up enrollment and education events • Providing resources and print materials about new programs • Educating and training library staff 16 Next Steps • Equifare and Fare capping will be presented for board approval on July 25th. • Continued community engagement • Virtual community meetings • In-person community meetings • Agency meetings • 1:1 meetings with nonprofits, neighborhood associations, community leaders, etc. • We want to connect with community leaders and community-based organizations Let us know how we can work with you! 17 Share your program feedback: For questions or to request a meeting: Thank you!