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draft minutes of the June 18, 2022 Special Called Meeting — original pdf

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Library Commission Meeting Minutes 18 June, 2022 SPECIAL CALLED MEETING 18 June, 2022 THE LIBRARY COMMISSION MINUTES The Library Commission convened in a Special Called Meeting on Saturday, June 18, 2022 at the Central Library, 710 W Cesar Chavez, in Austin, Texas. Chair Smith called the Board Meeting to order at 10:10 a.m. Board Members in Attendance: Chair Mark Smith, Commission Members Julia Aguilar, Pat Dabbert, JC Dwyer, Cristina Masters, Courtney Rosenthal, and Steven Self Board Members Absent: Vice-Chair Lynda Infante and Commission Member Ryan Marquess Citizen Communication: General None 1. Commissioners’ Brief Introductions Commissioners introduced themselves and Chair Smith outlined the process for planning for the day. 2. Discussion of Library Commission long-range objectives, including how to: • Build relationships with the Library’s support groups, The Library Foundation and The Austin History Center Association • Support the priorities of the Austin Public Library (Literacy Advancement, Workforce and Economic Development, Digital Inclusion, STEM and Computer Training, Outreach and Community Engagement, Staff Development, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) The following were discussed: • Workgroups – at future board meeting the Commission will form two initial working groups to address library and/or community issues. o Board Development / Training (including advocacy) o Community Engagement • Chair Smith will attend Library Foundation Meetings. • The Commission will determine ways to become a more activist board on behalf of the Library • Commissioners will host Commissioner Open Houses at their Branches • The Commission will work to define the role of the Library Commission. This could include training from United for Libraries (ALA) or Urban Library Council. Library Commission Meeting Minutes 18 June, 2022 • The Commission will look at what Nashville Public Library did with Banned Books Library Cards and determine if there is something similar APL can do. 3. Discussion of Potential Agenda Topics for Future Meetings, July 2022 – June 2023 Library Marketing Homeless Organizations Food Banks Meals on Wheels Google Fiber and Technology Groups Volunteers Facility Issues Strategic Planning Process Hotspots and Digital Access eBook Pricing and Purchasing Equity in Service (how we serve different groups like incarcerated, 20-40 year olds, traffic, homebound, etc) Enhanced Library Cards Library Programming – Program Coordinators and Austin Completely Booked Adjournment: Chair Smith adjourned the meeting at 12:02 p.m. without objection.