Joint Inclusion CommitteeDec. 7, 2022

20221207_011 JIC Recommendation on Leadership Appointments (re: Director/Chief Vacancies in the Equity Office & Office of Police Oversight) — original pdf

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JOINT INCLUSION COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATION 20221207-011: Leadership Appointments December 7, 2022 Date: Subject: Leadership Appointments Recommendation to Council WHEREAS, the Joint Inclusion Committee (“Committee”) of the City of Austin (“City”) advises City Council (“Council”) on issues pertaining to diversity and inclusion; and WHEREAS, the City’s Equity Office and Office of Police Oversight have leadership vacancies, which are in the in the early stages of being filled; and WHEREAS, these leadership positions oversee city departments responsible for building public trust and addressing issues related to quality of life, racial equity, human rights, police misconduct, community engagement, transparency, and accountability; and WHEREAS, the Committee views a rigorous community engagement effort, particularly with communities which are historically underrepresented, as essential to the hiring process for these leadership positions; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Committee recommends that City Council direct staff to incorporate the following considerations in the hiring process for the Equity Office and Office of Police Oversight leadership positions: • That community engagement be a priority in the hiring of candidates, • That community engagement occur early and throughout the hiring process rather than solely with the candidate finalists, • That the community engagement effort includes gathering input from underrepresented communities, and, • That the candidates pool be representative of the communities served by these Offices, • That candidates be assessed and selected based on their experience, track record, and performance related to issues surrounding gender and racial equity, diversity, and inclusion. 1 JOINT INCLUSION COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATIONS 20221207-011: ON LEADERSHIP APPOINTMENTS • Hanna Huang – Asian American Quality of Life Advisory Commission • Rebecca Austen – Commission for Women • Juan Vences-Benitez – Commission on Immigrant Affairs • Amy Temperley – Commission on Aging • Raul Alvarez – Early Childhood Council • Amanda Afifi – Hispanic/Latino Quality of Life Resource Advisory Commission • Idonna Griffith – Human Rights Commission • Charles Curry – LGBTQ+ Quality of Life Advisory Commission • Robin Orlowski – Mayor’s Committee for People with Disabilities • Gregory Smith/Serita Fontanesi – African American Resource Advisory Commission Attest: Jeremy Garza, Staff Liaison, Equity Office: X_____________________________12/07/2022 VOTE For: Against: None. Abstain: None. Absent: 2