Joint Inclusion CommitteeAug. 24, 2022

Recommendation for Discussion & Possible Endorsement on Current and Future Response to Monkeypox Virus — original pdf

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LGBTQ QUALITY OF LIFE ADVISORY COMMISSION RECOMMENDATION 20220822-1 CURRENT AND FUTURE RESPONSE TO MONKEYPOX VIRUS WHEREAS, the City of Austin and Travis County have declared a public health emergency regarding the outbreak of monkeypox in our community, and WHEREAS, the vaccine supply available to Austin Public Health is extremely limited which creates concerns in the community about prioritization and equity access, and WHEREAS, Austin Public Health has provided information to the community suggesting up to a twenty-one day isolation period for persons diagnosed with monkeypox which creates a hardship for those who are economically disadvantage and lack access to paid sick leave, and WHEREAS, isolation is a critical factor in controlling the spread of this communicable disease to the community and requires advance planning for overcoming the barriers to isolation in order to provide a public information campaign that will encourage people to seek treatment, NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the LGBTQ Quality of Life Commission recommends to City Council that: The City Manager be directed to identify funds for emergency short-term financial assistance to those who cannot afford to isolate for 28 days due to a monkeypox exposure or diagnosis, and The City Manager be directed to present a plan for an emergency public information campaign to inform the community on monkeypox prevention, access to vaccinations, medical care, and isolation assistance, and The City Manager be directed to provide a monthly report to City Council, the first of which should be due 30 days after passage of a resolution to this effect, on the status of vaccination utilization for Priority 1 clients as well as for Priority 2 clients and that the report also includes sexual orientation, gender identity, and intersex status (SOGI+) and other demographic data on those who have received the vaccine. Page 1 of 2 1. Arteaga 2. Curry 3. Dreke 4. Gonzales 5. Jones 6. Rendon 7. Taylor 8. Vieira 9. Wollerson VOTE Date of Approval: August 22, 2022 Record of the Vote: Adopted without objection on a 9-0 vote. Present: Attest: _____________________________________________ Ryn Gonzales, Chair Page 2 of 2