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Presentation to Joint Inclusion Committee Building a Person- Centered Community June 22, 2022 CAN Community Council Project Initiation 2014  Community Council panel discussions with issue area leaders…  Quality of Life Initiatives  Veterans  Immigrants  Older Adults  Children & Youth  People with Disabilities  Re-entry What are the chief barriers and challenges faced by the people you serve? What systems improvements would you like to see? State of the Safety Net Forums - 2014  Safety Net Forums featured leaders from the community and were open to the entire community.  Affordable, Safe and Accessible Housing  Employment, Training and Work Supports  Healthy Living and Care  Cultural Proficiency and Interpretation/Translation Services Person-Centered principles emerged… 1. Help me get a good start. 2. Consider my whole family. 3. Provide services where I am. 4. Develop a system that works for me. Community Council decided to focus on three for 2015. 5. Empower me to improve my community. 6. Respect me and talk to me in a way I can 7. Create neighborhoods where I can access understand. opportunity. Additional Research on Person-Centered Care 2015 The Community Council met with Service Providers to dive deeper into what “person-centered” care means to them and to learn how they deliver it.  Re-entry organizations  Older Adult Population  Immigrant Population  Veterans  Children & Youth  People with Disabilities The goal of this Community Council summit was to engage people who provide services, people who fund services and people who receive services in a conversation to explore how individuals and organizations can promote and build a more person-centered community. About 90 people attended the half- day summit held at the AISD Performing Arts Center. Community Council Focus in 2016 What are the best practices in person-centered care?  Organizations that are doing it well ◼How did you get there? ◼What sort of training was required? ◼How did the model evolve over time?  Importance to other stakeholders  Applications across other areas of community life – not just social services  How does it impact Bridging the Economic Divide? Publication of the Framework for Building a Person- Centered Community In a Person Centered Community: 1) We prioritize the safety and well-being of all children 2) We provide a safe, welcoming and supportive environment for employees/clients. 3) We strive to identify and eliminate existing inequities, especially by race and income. 4) We have a shared community responsibility/accountability for achieving equitable outcomes for all people. Framework for Building a Person-Centered Community (continued) In a Person Centered Community: 5) We consider the impact that language and culture have on the effectiveness of programs and services. 6) We listen to clients and give meaningful consideration to their input. 7) We base services on clients’ needs, resources, lives and schedules. 8) We help people find their voice so that they can advocate for themselves, their families and their community. Possible Use of Framework by JIC? Is there an interest on the JIC to undertake a process by which to update the “CAN Building a Person-Centered Community” framework so that it more holistically and comprehensively incorporates the issues and perspectives of JIC member commissions?