Joint Inclusion CommitteeJan. 28, 2022

Approved Minutes for the Special Called Meeting of the JIC on Jan 28th 2022 — original pdf

Approved Minutes
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JOINT INCLUSION COMMITTEE SPECIAL CALLED MEETING MINUTES ON BUDGET January 28th, 2022 JOINT INCLUSION COMMITTEE (JIC) FRIDAY, JANUARY 28, 2022 at 3:00 PM City Hall Boards and Commissions – Room 1101 301 W 2nd St Austin, TX 78701 SPECIAL CALLED MEETING MNUTES ON BUDGET Some members of the Commission may be participating by videoconference. Public comment will be allowed in person or via telephone. Remote speakers must register in advance (48 hrs). All public comment will occur at the beginning of the meeting. To speak remotely, residents must: Call or email the board liaison at Jeremy Garza at Equity Office, at (512-978-1797), no later than 48hrs before meeting. The information required is the speaker’s name, item number(s) they wish to speak on, whether they are for/against/neutral, email address and telephone number. CURRENT BOARD MEMBERS: Hispanic Quality of Life Advisory Commission: Amanda Afifi Alternate: Sharon Vigil Alternate: Johanna Hosking Pulido Early Childhood Council: Raul Alvarez Commission for Women: Flannery Bope Alternate: Rebecca Austen Commission for Seniors: Emily Nicola Alternate: Sally VanSickle Human Rights Commission: Jamarr Brown Alternate: Idona Griffith Asian American Quality of Life Commission: Vincent Cobalis Alternate: Hanna Huang Commission on Immigrant Affairs: Karen Crawford (Vice Chair) Alternate: Krystal Gomez Alternate: Charles Curry LGBTQ Quality of Life Commission: (Chair) Mayor’s Committee for People with Disability: Robin Orlowski African American Resource Advisory Commission: Gregory Smith Alternate: Joey Gidseg Alternate: Serita Fontanesi January 28th, 2022 JOINT INCLUSION COMMITTEE SPECIAL CALLED MEETING MINUTES ON BUDGET Meeting Minutes Charles Curry call to the meeting at 3:05pm CALL TO ORDER VIRTUAL ROLL CALL: Present: • Charles Curry – Chair • Karen Crawford – Vice-Chair • Amanda Afifi • Robin Orlowski • Sally Van Sickle • Greg Smith • Vince Cobalis • Raul Alvarez • Rebecca Austen Absent: • Emily Nicola • Jamarr Brown PUBLIC COMMUNICATION: GENERAL The first 10 speakers signed up prior to the meeting being called to order will each be allowed a three-minute allotment to address their concerns regarding items not posted on the agenda. Public comment will be allowed in-person or remotely by telephone. Speakers may only register to speak on an item once either in-person or remotely and will be allowed up to three minutes to provide their comments. Registration no later than noon the day before the meeting is required for remote participation. To register, please email Jeremy Garza at or call at (512) 987 – 1569. 1. STAFF PRESENTATIONS: a. The presentation by Chief Chacon that was scheduled for our meeting on January 20th which was cancelled was postponed until February. 2. OLD BUISNESS a. Report from individual Commission representatives on progress made in determining recommendations for the FY22-23 Proposed Budget i. LGBTQ Quality of Life Commission: 1. Safe And Affordable Housing 2. AustinUP: plans to schedule property tax workshops to make sure that homeowners are claiming the exemptions for which they are eligible; may have a proposal for the City to provide support through their website. JOINT INCLUSION COMMITTEE SPECIAL CALLED MEETING MINUTES ON BUDGET January 28th, 2022 3. The LGBTQ Quality of Life Study reported that many people were not aware of available rental assistance; may have a proposal for improving that communication. ii. Commission for Women 1. One aspect of safe and affordable housing is housing options for people experiencing domestic violence/assault; may have a recommendation on sustaining funding for that and funding for transitional housing for women with children. iii. Asian American Quality of Life Commission: 1. Considering a recommendation on funding for nurses and nurse assistants so that there is more home health assistance for shut-in seniors. iv. Commission for Seniors: 1. Considering a recommendation on focusing homelessness funding on older homeless. b. Discussion and planning for January 29 budget workshop i. Resiliency 1. Commissioner Austen: recommendation that the JIC create a half page summary of the Winter Storm Review Task Force recommendations and endorse those. ii. Access and Engagement: 1. Asian American Quality of Life Commission considering a recommendation on other ways to reach out to small communities who don’t meet the threshold for having materials translated. iii. Public Safety and Health: 1. Commission on Seniors has a list of recommendations for this town hall. 2. The LGBTQ Quality of Life Study suggested that the City explore a program for offering financial assistance to students in medical fields in which Austin has inadequate providers financial assistance in return for a commitment to establish a local practice. 3. Mayor’s Committee for People with Disability is considering a recommendation that APD improve its training regarding people with disabilities by educating on ableism. Also considering a recommendation on hiring contractors who are aware of ableism. 1. African American Resource Advisory Commission will have recommendation coming soon. 2. Discussion and establishing of a deadline for submission 3. The Budget Calendar deadline for Boards and Commissions to submit recommendations is March 31. The deadline for submission to the Joint Inclusion Committee will need to be March 15 to allow time for consideration. iv. Other: JOINT INCLUSION COMMITTEE SPECIAL CALLED MEETING MINUTES ON BUDGET c. Discussion and appointing budget work groups: January 28th, 2022 i. Workgroups will be organized in the issue grouping used for the town hall meetings with members as follows: 1. Affordability and Resiliency (February 16th town hall): Commissioners Curry/Crawford, Alvarez, Orlowski and Smith 2. Access and Engagement (February 24 town hall): Commissioners Curry/Crawford, Cobalis, Afifi, Orlowski 3. Public Safety and Health (February 26 town hall): Commissioners Curry/Crawford, Afifi, Orlowski, Smith and a representative from the Commission on Seniors (will need to be limited to five to avoid quorum) ii. Vote: 1. Motion: by Commissioner Van Sickle to appoint Commissioners Curry, Crawford, Orlowski & Gidseg to budget workgroup. 2. Seconded by Commissioner Alvarez. 3. Passed unanimously. FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS: ADJOURNMENT: Motion to adjourn meeting by Karen Crawford. Seconded by Amanda Afifi. Passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 5:02pm -- The City of Austin is committed to compliance with the American with Disabilities Act. Reasonable modifications and equal access to communications will be provided upon request. Meeting locations are planned with wheelchair access. If requiring Sign Language Interpreters or alternative formats, please give notice at least 2 days (48 hours) before the meeting date. For additional information please call the Equity Office’s Commission/Neighborhood Liaison at (512) 987-1797 or email at TTY users route through Relay Texas at 711. For more information on the Joint Inclusion Committee, please contact Jeremy Garza via phone at (512) 987-1797 or (preferably) via email at