Joint Inclusion CommitteeOct. 27, 2021

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Approved Minutes
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JOINT INCLUSION COMMITTEE October 27th, 2021 at 3:00 PM City Hall Board and Commissions – Room 1101 301 W 2nd St. Austin, Texas 78701 Meeting Minutes CALL TO ORDER: Meeting was called to order at 3:05 pm MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: 1. Amanda Afifi 2. Raul Alvarez 3. Rebecca Austen 4. Emily De Maria 5. Vincent Cobalis 6. Karen Crawford 7. Charles Curry 8. Robin Orlowski 9. Gregory Smith CITIZEN COMMUNICATION: GENERAL None 1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES Commissioner Alvarez moved to approve the August minutes. Seconded by Commissioner Smith. Minutes for August 25th 2021 was approved unanimously. Commissioner Smith moved to approve the September minutes. Seconded by Commissioner De Maria. Minutes for September 22nd 2021 was approved unanimously. 2. PRESENTATIONS 3. OLD BUSINESS a. FY22-23 Budget Process i. Report from individual Commission representatives on progress made in determining status of FY21-22 recommendations in the FY21-22 Adopted Budget Members reported back what information they could get from departments on items funded in the FY2021-22. Chair and Vice Chair will contact Budget Office 4. NEW BUSINESS and the Equity Office about scheduling a post-budget briefing as well as the budget process for FY2022-23 that they can then communicate with the rest of the JIC. Discussion of how to have budget forums, and areas of general concern, including: Language access Digital access Community engagement Health care, including pandemic response and mental health Affordability including homelessness Resiliency Public Safety Immigrant Legal Services a. Discussion and vote of 2022 meeting schedule Fourth Wednesday of every month with the exception of November and December which will be combined to meet on December 7th 2022 with the same time of 3 to 5 pm. Motion to approve by Commissioner Cobalis and seconded by Commissioner De Maria. Approved unanimously. b. Report from Immigrant Affairs Commission, “Advancing Immigrant Incorporation in Austin, TX” If JIC wants, Dr. Wasem can attend a JIC meeting in-person and present the report. The complete report is available online: c. Discussion of the LGBTQ+ Quality of Life Study Report The study was delivered to Council. The LGBT Commission is working on creating workgroups and develop metrics on how to measure outcomes in the community as well as goals and how they are being accomplished. LGBT Commissioner Chair and Vice Chair can present the report at any Commissions’ meetings. Ena will send over the press release on the report that highlights key findings. FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS Information on how to host townhall meetings • • Reports from Committee members at the December 1 meeting on their Commissions’ thoughts on key areas o Language access o Digital access o Community engagement o Health care, including pandemic response and mental health o Affordability including homelessness o Resiliency o Public Safety o Immigrant Legal Services ADJOURNMENT Meeting is adjourned at 4:35 PM.