Joint Inclusion CommitteeJuly 28, 2021

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BOARD/COMMISSION RECOMMENDATION   Early Childhood Council  20210512‐3biii: Spending Framework Addendums in Response to ResilientATX Resolution   WHEREAS, the City of Austin has included access to high quality affordable early care and education as key strategies in the adopted Strategic Direction 2023 for achieving economic affordability and mobility goals (Strategy 10 and 11); and WHEREAS, the City of Austin’s Early Childhood Council has already supported a number of recommendations to the City Council which are all dedicated to ensuring adequate funding in order for the city to promote high quality affordable early care and education and achieve its economic affordability and mobility goals; WHEREAS, Del Valle ISD is part of the City of Austin and is identified as a child care desert, having only one Texas Rising Star-certified child care center with a 4-star rating within the district’s boundaries; and WHEREAS, Del Valle ISD is planning to address the dearth of high quality affordable early care solutions by providing additional high quality Pre-K options for families through subsidized and unsubsidized care; WHEREAS, an estimated 188 children within the Del Valle ISD could benefit from the district’s new Pre-K options, but would need additional financial assistance because their families would not qualify for free public Pre-K nor could they afford completely unsubsidized tuition; WHEREAS, Austin has a unique opportunity to build a more equitable and resilient system by investing in key infrastructure and new opportunities that address identified gaps and strengthen existing programs; and WHEREAS, investments in early care and education have a strong return on investment for both the current and future workforce; and investments in the early care and education infrastructure in Austin will yield positive long-term benefits for Austin through better outcomes in health, education, economic productivity, and reduced crime; and WHEREAS, federal money coming through the State for child care through Texas Workforce Commission will address immediate stabilization but cannot be used to strengthen and scale the infrastructure that has potential to impact generations Austin families; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Early Childhood Council recommends that the City of Austin incorporate and adopt the addendum entitled “Expand access to dual-language full-day Pre-K for 4 year-olds” as part of the original recommendations submitted to the City of Austin by the Early Childhood Council entitled “Recommendations for Transforming the ATX Early Childhood System”, which were submitted by the Austin/Travis County Success By 6 Coalition in the spending framework for COVID-19 relief and recovery and American Rescue Plan Funding. Date of Approval: Record of the vote: Attest: _____________________________________________