Joint Inclusion Committee - June 24, 2020

Joint Inclusion Committee Regular Meeting of the Joint Inclusion Committee

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Special Meeting of the Joint Inclusion Committee Wednesday, June 24, 2020 Joint Inclusion Committee to be held June 24, 2020 with Social Distancing Modifications Public comment will be allowed via telephone; no in-person input will be allowed. All speakers must register in advance (Tuesday, June 23, 2020 by Noon). All public comment will occur at the beginning of the meeting. To speak remotely at the June 24th Joint Inclusion Committee Meeting, residents must: •Call or email the board liaison at 512-974-2544 or no later than noon, (the day before the meeting). The information required is the speaker name, item number(s) they wish to speak on, whether they are for/against/neutral, and a telephone number or email address. •Once a request to speak has been called in or emailed to the board liaison, residents will receive either an email or phone call providing the telephone number to call on the day of the scheduled meeting. •Speakers must call in at least 30 minutes prior to meeting start in order to speak, late callers will not be accepted and will not be able to speak. •Speakers will be placed in a queue until their time to speak. •Handouts or other information may be emailed to by Noon the day before the scheduled meeting. This information will be provided to Board and Commission members in advance of the meeting. JOINT INCLUSION COMMITTEE Wednesday, June 24, 2020 at 3:00pm Via Videoconferencing CURRENT BOARD MEMBERS: Commission for Seniors: Janee Briesemeister (Chair) Alternate: Sally Van Sickle Commission for Women: Flannery Bope (Vice-Chair) Alternate: Rebecca Austen Hispanic/Latino QOL Advisory Commission: Amanda Afifi Alternate: Maria Solis Commission on Immigrant Affairs: Karen Crawford Alternate: Krystal Gomez Human Rights Commission: Alicia Weigel Alternate: Nathan White Mayor's Committee for People with Disabilities: Robin Orlowski Alternate: Joey Gidseg African American Resource Advisory Commission: Gregory Smith Alternate: Marissa Jones Asian American Quality of Life Commission: Nguyen Stanton Alternate: Vince Cobalis LGBTQ Quality of Life Commission: Sandra Chavez Alternate: Charles Curry AGENDA CALL TO ORDER 1. APPROVAL OF MEETING MINUTES Minutes from February 26, 2020 and April 22, 2020 2. NEW BUSINESS a. Discussion and possible action on COVID-19 community outreach initiatives. Presentation by Brion Oaks and Kellee Coleman, Equity Office. b. Update on RISE funds from Equity Office. c. Discussion and possible action on 2020-21 Mini-grants. Presentation by Brion Oaks and Kellee Coleman, Equity Office. d. Discussion and possible action on FY21 …

Scraped at: June 19, 2020, 10 p.m.