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1807 E Cesar Chavez - Historic Preservation Application Review David Rudick, President, Rud Capital Executive Summary Rud Capital is looking to gain a historic tax exemption available on 1807 E Cesar Chavez. We are looking to preserve 1807 and renovate it to be a boutique hotel to be rented in its entirety for large group gatherings with the option for small events. The property was run as a youth hostel up until the pandemic hit and led them to go out of business. The property was purchased by Rud Capital in November 2021 with the goal of folding it into the unified development parcel along with some of adjacent properties. In 2023 after talking with city and realizing this property could get a standalone hotel license we decided to pivot and restore this charming mansion and renovate the property. Unfortunately during late ‘22 and ‘23 the property began to get vandalized and had some of its structural integrity damaged and compromised including: decking, railings, columns and siding. The property was repaired by Chris Pisculli who is now overseeing the renovation along with the designer Leah Flippen from Luminary Designs. We are looking to go beyond these repairs and revive the historic Victorian like charm into a functioning event and lodging hotel called Maison Rêve (House of Dreams) for the benefit of local Austinates and visitors to enjoy. We are Excited to work together with historic commission on bringing out this beautiful landmark house back to life. It also worth mentioning that we have successfully completed similar types of historic preservation projects including 4004, 4006, and 4008 Avenue C which won the Austin Preservation Award in 2019. Project Description Property Overview 2,603 SF Built 1900 Land Size: 0.19 Acres Typical Floor Size 1300 Current State In need of repair and renovation following damage including graffiti, damaged decking. siding and railings. Repairs to the decking, siding, and railings have been completed given the urgency of keeping the building safe. Exterior Design goals Repaint with historic design palette Design Themes (Interior) Design Themes (Interior) Developer Overview David completed his undergraduate degree in Computer Science with Business Management at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. He began his career as a technology and management consultant at Accenture later moving to the US to attend the University of Texas in Austin. He graduated with an MBA in 2009 following which David joined Indeed.com as their International Product Manager. Shortly after joining he was promoted to head up Indeed’s International business, growing their International Traffic base to over 100M Unique Visitors and $100M in revenue within a few years. In 2017 David was promoted to VP of Real Estate and began a rapid expansion of Indeed’s Real Estate Portfolio from .75M SF to over 3M SF. This entailed designing, and developing state of the art workspaces and managing projects around the world including Austin, New York, Dublin, London, and Tokyo. This included two of Indeed’s 300K SF+ Global HQs collocated at the Domain, and downtown Austin. David formed Rud Capital in 2013 bootstrapping a number of successful projects totalling over 50k SF primarily in East Austin including large home vacation rentals, single family, duplex, and fourplex developments, land acquisition subdivisions, and a mix use office/retail development. David’s two four plex and one single family redevelopment (4004/6/8 Avenue C) won the Austin Preservation Award in 2019 and the 2020 AIA Austin Design Award.