Historic Landmark CommissionApril 3, 2024

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; a PUBLIC HEARING INFORMATION Although applicants and/or their agent(s) are expected to attend a public hearing, you are not required to attend. Howeve~, if you do attend,_ you have the opportunity to speak FOR or AGAINST the proposed development or change. You may also contact a neighborhood or envrronmental organization that has expressed an interest in an application affecting your neighborhood. During a public hearing, the board or commission may postpone or continue an application's hearing to a later date or rec~mm<:°d approval or denial of the application. If the board or commission announces a specific date and time for a postponement or continuation that is not later than 60 days from the announcement, no further notice is required. A board or commission's decision may be appealed by a person withstanding to appeal, or an interested party that is identifie~ as a person who can appeal the decision. The body holding a public hearing on an appeal will determine whether a person has standing to appeal the decision. An interested party is defined as a person who is the applicant or record owner of the subject property, or who communicates an intereSt to a board or commission by: • • • • • delivering a written statement to the board or commission before the public hearing that generally identifies the issues of concern (it may be delivered to the contact person listed on a notice); or appearing and speaking for the record at the public hearing; and: -occupies a primary residence that is within 500 feet of the subject property or proposed development. is the record owner of property within 500 feet of the subject property or proposed development; or is an officer of an environmental or neighborhood organization that has an interest in or whose declared boundaries are within 500 feet of the subject property or proposed development? A notice of appeal must be filed with the director of the responsible department no later than 14 days after the decision. An appeal form may be available from the responsible department. For additional information on the City of Austin's land development process, please visit our website: www.austintexas.gov/abc Written comments must be submitted to the board or commission ( or the contact person listed on the notice) before a public hearing. Your comments should include the board or commission's name, the scheduled date of the public hearing, the Case Number and the contact person listed on the notice. Correspondence and information submitted to the City of Austin are subject to the Texas Public Information Act (Chapter 552) and may be published online. Case Number: GF 24-030567 - 801 LYDIA ST Contact: Sam Fahnestock, (512) 974-3393 Public Hearing: Historic Landmark Commission, April 3, 2024 D I am in favor I object I r_ I I I I I I NA. - , , , r--e~ Jc-. ,t 7X :,; ~=r-02:- r address(es) affected by this application (Optional) 3- 2.~. 20.2-4-. Date Comments: I.f ,HtS flt..ofe,(.TY lS i,E/ft.l(r J>8'1,1UJH9 To gvLLP v&L,y M4YCCNEfVT ~v1t...p,N(r t-tt<:e- TuE oNE: 0U~r,7e- 1-r w1L--L cCJNT~wur: co PEJ,v'loY:THts ee,+vr1BL<-- HlSDJK1c If you use this form to comment, 1t may be returned to: City of Austin Planning Department Historic Preservation Office, ATTN: Sam Fahnestock P.O. Box 1088 Austin, TX 78767-8810 E-mail: preservation@austintexas.uov 1Ve=l0f1 ~O (Zt{(JOD • Vv'e= fvat.. Y O '2,JRT · I I I "