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. . your the board or com d comm1ss1 t a public heanng. mission ( or the 1 d Written comments must be submitted to contact person listed on the notice) before or~ ·on's name, the schedu e t person • b r and the contac comments should mclude the boar or ~ation submitted to the date of the public hearing, and the Case listed on the notice. Correspondence aod 1~. 0 1 formation Act (Chapter City of Austin are subject to the Texas Pub ic n 552) and will be published online. Case Number: Cl4H-2024-0016 Contact: Sam Fahnestock, 512-974-~393 d Public Hearing: 3 April 2024, ffjstonc Lan ma rk Commission Your Name {please print) r:_ gel Wi3!~ arel 30 7 µ3z.s_:- rour address(es affected by this application (optional} r Signature Daytime Telephone(optiona/): 1 ff 2 lf J( 3 770 .lXJ I am in favor 0 I object ?/2-2-/202-y Daf e Comments:-;-----:-"---'-...u-"'-=-4'-:-~-"tzl;~--',_~/.)::::.-~F-_ ___1._:_~=--___,.--------'- I I i I I I PUBLIC IIEARJ NG INFOJlMATION Th· . is zonmg/rezonin at two p bl" th c· u g request will b e IC hearings: befo h e reviewed and acted upon •ty Council. Although re t. e Land Use Commission and expected to attend a pubr ahphcants and/or their agent(s) are attend. However, if you d~catt;aring, You are not required to nd, you have the opportunity to speak FOR or AGAINST th e pr?posed development or change. You may also contact a neighborhood or environmental organization that has affecting your neighbo~X::~~sed an interest in an application . h During its public hea • nng, t e board or commission may poStpone or contmue an application's hearing to a later date or may ev~lua~e the City staff's recommendation and public i;put f orwardmg its own recommendation to the City Council. If the board or commission announces a specific date and time for a postponement or continuation that is not later than 60 days from the announcement, no further notice is required. During its public hearing, the City Council ma~ gran~ or den~ a zoning request, or rezone the lan_d t? a less mtensiv~ zon~ng than requested but in no case WIii It grant a more mtensive zoning. t d llow for mixed use development, the . D USE (MU) COMBINING However, m or er o a Council may add th_e ~ercial districts. The MU DISTRICT t? _ce~m co Hows residential uses in addition 1 Combining D1stnct simp Y . n the seven commercial zoning to those uses already allow~J Combining District allows the districts. As a result, the . commercial, and residential uses 1 f offi1ce retaI , . ' combmat10n o rnent 1 • within a single deve op . . on the City of Austin's land d • • For ad 1t1ona development process, v1s1 I 1•nfonnatt0n ·t • . ·tour webs1 e. . a I i t ·1 h. fi If you use t 1s orm to commen , 1 may be r turn City of Austin Planning Department Sam Fahnestock P o B 1088 • • ox Austin, TX 78767-8810 e ed to: WW\1/.austintexas.gov /~:a:n:n:JO~•----~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~O~lr~v;i;a;e~m. ';;!a:1!·1;a=t;plr;e:s!eirv;a;t1=·!o;n=@it iaiusitfm-wy".Y - -w - - - - 4 --~~=-:: -:; - • • . --- -~- - -=-:..-=- - _...._ - -