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PUBLIC HEARING INFORMATION This zoning/rezoning request will be reviewed and a~t~d upon Coi:11m1ss1on and at two public hearings: before the Land the City Council. Although applicants and/or their agen~(s) are expected to attend a public hearing, you are not reqmr~d to attend. However, if you do attend, you have the opportunity to 1,;peak. FOR or AGAINST the proposed development or change. You may also contact a neighborhood or environmental organization that has expressed an interest in an application affecting your neighborhood. During its public hearing, the board or comm1ss1011 may postpone or continue an application's hearing to a later date, or may evaluate the City staff's recommendation and public input forwarding its own recommendation to the City Council. If the board or commission announces a speci fie date and time for a postponement or continuation that is not later than 60 days from the announcement, no further notice is required. During its public hearing, the City Council may grant or deny a zoning request, or rezone the land to a less intensive zoning than requested but in no case will it grant a more intensive zoning. However, in order to allow for mixed use development, the Council may add the MIXED USE (MU) COMBINING The MU to certain commercial districts. DISTRICT Combining District simply allows residential uses i~ addit!on to those uses already allowed in the seven commercial zonmg districts. As a result, the MU Combining District allows the combination of office, retail, commercial, and residential uses within a single development. For additional information on the City of Austin's land development process, visit our website: www.austintexas.gov/planning. h Id . 1 d th b e e oard or commission's name, the scheduled Written comme?ts must be sub?1itted to the board or commission ( or the contact person listed on the notice) before or at a public he · our comments s ou_ me ~ate of the pubh_c hearmg, and the Case Number and the contact person h~ted on the_notice. ~orrespondence and information submitted to the City of Austm are sub3ect to the Texas Public Information Act (Chapter 552) and will be published online. Case Number: C14H-2024-0016 Contact: Sam Fahnestock, 512-974-3393 anng. y . . -LP1~ub~l~ic~-H~· ~e11~r~i!_!ng~:~-3~A~p~n!!_·l~2!02~4~,_!H~i~st~o~r~ic:__!L~li~n~icl~m~a!.rk~C~o~m~m::1~ss::•.::.00 ::_ ___ _, ( I 01 am in favor 0 I object Your Name (please print) 3\\-z wm- ~< : : , . , ~-rtt--9 ,~ ,S"lc:5. Yo~d(ess(es) affected by this application (optional) \~ Signature :zg.,,-u.~ 2D~ Date Daytime Telephone(optional): <t "'l- b('l \ -z_o B Comments: \ ~ \ , y t;u~\rt"" ~ \ .~~ - J. ~ JL ~G l . . .~~ 6 , B::M"". ~~),~\.\::: ~\\0 ~tU.... .:t.. #4oN~hc.. ~\lC, - - da~½:s a . _~~~ it - e.h.u._\... \_.._. ~~., ~Q . . . -~~ c~ , o..w>< l aR lJ.-.e. \,U...O>\,,- <-i5~t~\- ~~VL :t+«.~ • If y_ou use this form to comment, it may be returned to: City of Austin Planning Department Sam Fahnestock P. 0. Box 1088 Austin, TX 78767-8810 Or via email at preservation@austintexas.gov