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HISTORIC LANDMARK COMMISSION PERMITS IN NATIONAL REGISTER HISTORIC DISTRICTS APRIL 3, 2024 PR-2024-025938; GF-2024-030606 OLD WEST AUSTIN 2715 WOOLDRIDGE DRIVE 16 – 1 PROPOSAL Demolish a ca. 1930 house. ARCHITECTURE RESEARCH Two-story cross-gabled house set into the hillside, with replacement 1:1 windows and a partial-width front porch. The building has been significantly altered, though it was listed as a contributing structure. The house at 2715 Wooldridge Drive was built around 1930 for the Whitney family. Dr. Francis Whitney was a geology professor at the University of Texas for over 40 years and was one of the world’s authorities on fossils and their relationship with the locations and quality of oil and gas deposits. His daughter, Dr. Marion Whitney, also became a geologist and university professor of geology, as well as a photographer and children’s book author. PROPERTY EVALUATION The property contributes to the Old West Austin National Register district. Designation Criteria—Historic Landmark 1) The building is more than 50 years old. 2) The building appears to retain low integrity. The building’s form, fenestration, and materials have been modified. 3) Properties must meet two criteria for landmark designation (LDC §25-2-352). Staff has evaluated the property and determined that it does not meet two criteria for landmark designation: a. Architecture. The building does not appear to convey architectural significance. b. Historical association. The property is associated with geologist Dr. Francis Whitney and his daughter, c. Archaeology. The property was not evaluated for its potential to yield significant data concerning the human geologist Dr. Marion Whitney. history or prehistory of the region. d. Community value. The property does not possess a unique location, physical characteristic, or significant feature that contributes to the character, image, or cultural identity of the city, the neighborhood, or a particular demographic group. e. Landscape feature. The property is not a significant natural or designed landscape with artistic, aesthetic, cultural, or historical value to the city. STAFF RECOMMENDATION Release the demolition permit upon completion of a City of Austin Documentation Package. LOCATION MAP 16 – 2 PROPERTY INFORMATION Photos 16 – 3 Demolition application, 2024 Occupancy History City Directory Research, March 2024 Olen E. Hager, owner 1959 1955 1952 1949 1944 1941 Francis and Grace Whitney, owners – professor, UT Francis and Grace Whitney, owners – professor, UT Francis and Grace Whitney, owners – professor, UT Francis and Grace Whitney, owners – professor, UT Address not listed Historical Information 16 – 4 The Austin Statesman (1921-1973); Austin, Tex.. 07 July 1953: 8. The Austin Statesman (1921-1973); Austin, Tex.. 26 Jan 1962: 3. Permits 16 – 5