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4 - State Theater; Blade Replica; Scope of Work; 2.21.24 — original pdf

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STATE THEATER BLADE REPLICA ARC REVIEW; 2.21.24 SCOPE: phase 1 The following is the proposed work for the fabrication of a replication of the State Theater blade sign. The product includes a solid- state programmable flasher/speller to control the lighting. Several light shows can be pre-programmed, and it has the capability to update these light shows as desired. The base cost includes using upgraded LED lighting. All fabrication of the blade will be from steel angle structure and steel/aluminum sheet material. All finishes are acrylic polyurethane (automotive grade). All electrical will be per NEC code and all products are UL recognized. This includes UL 2161 compliant transformers, which require internal ground faulting. The blade sign will be fabricated to install on support structure points on the building prepared for it by engineer. SCOPE: phase 2 Preparation of steel sign support structure, removal of existing sign, and installation of newly built State Theater blade sign. Structural engineers will determine building support system specifications for steel support structure fabrication. Crane service for structural material rooftop staging and sign installation will be provided. All electrical connections tied into building will be made and secured in watertight connections.