Historic Landmark CommissionDec. 14, 2022

8.b - 613 Blanco St - public comment — original pdf

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Allen, Amber From: Sent: To: Subject: Monday, December 12, 2022 3:41 PM HPD Preservation Comment on Case HR-2022-170074 - 613 Blanco St. *** External Email - Exercise Caution *** To the Historic Preservation Office, attn: Amber Allen:    Please register my opposition to the project planned for 613 Blanco St. (Case HR-2022- 170074).     This project violates multiple deed restrictions (height, easement, etc.); requires removal of a large tree; is an inappropriate and incompatible addition that would be seen by multiple neighbors including me.     Thanks for your consideration,    Randall Brown  CAUTION: This email was received at the City of Austin, from an EXTERNAL source. Please use caution when clicking links or opening attachments. If you believe this to be a malicious and/or phishing email, please forward this email to cybersecurity@austintexas.gov. 1