Hispanic/Latino Quality of Life Resource Advisory CommissionOct. 25, 2022

Item 4 - AISD Equity Office Presentation — original pdf

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Austin ISD Office of Equity Update Hispanic Quality of Life Commission 10.25.22 2 Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going Equity by Design Focus Areas Equity Advisory Committee Equitable Practices in Action Bond and Long Range Planning (LRP) Process Equity Assessment Connecting the Dots: Equity Assessment, Long Range Planning (LRP) & Equity Action Plan Board Priorities: ● ● ● ● Equity in Student Well-Being and Achievement Equity in Teacher an Employee Well-Being Equity in Culture of Respect/Customer Service Equity in Financial Stewardship and Prioritization Equity by Design Equity Action Plan Equity Assessment L o n g R a n g e P l a n n i n g ( L R P ) / B o n d P r o c e s s Equity Advisory Committee Student Well-Being/Culture of Respect Access to Student Programs & Increasing Access to Information LGBTQIA2+ Student Support Equity Advisory Committee Staff Well-Being Financial Stewardship & Prioritization Recruitment and Retention of Black and Brown Staff Equity Enrollment Equity Assessment Long Range Planning & Bond Process