Hispanic/Latino Quality of Life Resource Advisory CommissionOct. 25, 2022

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Palm District Planning Initiative Hispanic Latino Quality of Life Resource Advisory Commission October 24, 2022 Content Background and Study Area What We Heard Vision and Scenarios Implementation/Next Steps Background and Study Area Develop a shared vision for a complex, culturally rich, and rapidly transforming part of downtown Austin. 4 5 Resolution 20190523-029  Palm School Negotiations  Rainey Street District Fund  Fifth Street Mexican American Heritage Corridor  Convention Center Expansion  District Planning Process  Improved Connectivity 6 WE ARE HERE 7 Equity-Based Goals  Create a safe, welcoming place history  Preserve and interpret  Enhance educational and cultural assets  Provide economic benefits  Increase access to housing  Improve mobility and access  Improve access to nature, enhance natural systems, and support an equitable, sustainable, resilient future 8 What We Heard Participants • Visits to SpeakUp Austin! Webpage: 3,600 • Survey Responses: 700+ (3 Surveys) • Visioning Forum Attendees: 150+ • Targeted East Austin Outreach: 75 + (Individuals and Organizations) • AIA Event Participants: 60+ • Interactive Map Responses: 25+ 10 Survey Demographics 11 Visioning Forums 12 Targeted East Austin Engagement: • La Raza Roundtable • Current and Former Elected Officials • Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce • Tejano Democrats • Palm School Alumni • The Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center (ESB-MACC) • La Pena Arts, Inc. • Mexic-Arte • Nuestro Grupo/Academia Cuauhtli • AHMIGA (Latina civic and social networking organization) • Café Con Letras • L.A.C.E. • PODER • Long-time East Austin residents 13 American Institute of Architects Recommendations: 14 Vision and Scenarios VISION The Palm District is a vibrant historic hub of downtown where the past is honored, culture is celebrated, and the future is shaped. Dense transit-oriented development is balanced with history and natural spaces creating physical connections that invite people to move easily to and through the district. The district is a dynamic place, growing and evolving, while actively retaining families and individuals who have traditionally called this place home. Creativity and innovation are cultivated, and people from Austin and beyond are welcome to live, relax, work, play, learn, and connect with others. 16 INCLUSIVE GROWTH Growth in the district will provide a prosperous future for longtime and recent residents and for established and new businesses. 17 CULTURE The district will become a destination that celebrates its multi- cultural heritage. 18 CONNECTION Physical, cultural and social connections will be strengthened within downtown and between East Austin and downtown. 19 NATURE The natural environment will be preserved and enhanced by restoring existing natural and open spaces and pursuing high standards of sustainable design and development with a focus on green infrastructure. 20 Desired Outcomes…. Inclusive Growth Create opportunities to use publicly-owned properties for dense, mixed- income housing, places for cultural celebration, and to preserve those sites that are of historical, social, and cultural significance. Culture Preserve performance venues in the Red River Cultural District through incentives, public private partnerships, and regulatory tools such as transfer of development rights, historic and landmark designations, and the Iconic Venue Fund. Connection Leverage the lowering and replacement of I-35 to create better and more attractive connections between East Austin and the District. Nature Improve the Waterloo Greenway, south of Palm Park to the Confluence, through lighting, interpretive signage, and other amenities to invite visitors and residents to explore and experience Waller Creek. 21 Scenario Development • Partnership with Downtown Austin Alliance and Asakura Robinson • Scenario Planning Workshops • 3 Thematic Scenarios: Live, Work, August 2022 Play Vision Framework Existing Conditions and Regulations Plans Underway LIVE + WORK + PLAY SCENARIOS 22 Scenario Ranking and Feedback • Scenarios Survey • Feedback: • Preference for Live Scenario • Add Housing • Decrease Office • Support Cultural Uses 23 NOTES: The scenario represents an aspirational view of how the district could develop over time and does not bind individual property owners or the City of Austin and partner agencies. Implementation would require a range of actions by the City of Austin and its partners. The Palm School site is owned by Travis County, and Travis County has been undertaking a process to explore options for this site. See https://www.traviscountytx.gov/planning-budget/ economic-development-strategic-investments/palm- school. The Texas Department of Transportation is currently evaluating options the reconstruction of I-35 through the federally- required environmental review process, and the City is working in tandem with that process to explore possible approaches for capping I-35 and/or designing enhanced bridges (stitches). See https://austintexas.gov/ourfuture35 for additional information. 24 Implementation Recommendations Timing Sponsor Theme Recommendation 26 Governance Options Tier 3: ID New Organization Tier 2: Task Existing Organizations Tier 1: Monitor 27 Next Steps Next Steps Milestone/Next Step Date Review Draft Plan Comments due 10/28 Publish Recommended Draft 11/1/2022 Planning Commission 11/8/2022 City Council Hearing/Consideration Implementation Activities • LDC Amendment • DAP Amendment • Finalize Governance 12/1/2022 2023 29 How to Get Involved!  Visit www.speakupaustin.org/palmdistrict –Review draft Plan –Take the Feedback Survey –Review other materials and add thoughts to Interactive Map –Ask questions  Request an Organizational Briefing 31  Provide input via – Phone: 311 – e-mail: palmdistrictplanning@austintexas.gov – Mail: Palm District Planning, Housing and Planning Department, PO Box 1088, Austin, Texas 78767 32 Thank You Speakupaustin.org/PalmDistrict PalmDistrictPlanning@austintexas.gov