Hispanic/Latino Quality of Life Resource Advisory CommissionSept. 27, 2022

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A just Texas. “What starts here, changes the world.” 2 TRUST 3 3 JETA JETAs (JUST Entrepreneur Trust Agent) are ambitious women excluded from economic opportunity that want to grow their business and support their peers to do the same. 4 4 Partnership to reach 10,000s of ambitious Texas Women [JUST] changed my life, it was a before and after. 5 From Financial Health to Financial Wealth JUST co-designs products with our community that leverage peer support. Our products lead to transformational wealth building opportunities. Personal Loan Credit & Habit Building Leveraging peer support, JUST is able to offer emergency loans at low cost with high repayments This product reports to the credit bureaus and allows people to build new money habits Small Business Lending Asset Ownership JUST is creating transformational wealth building opportunities Consumer Lending Circles Reimagined JETA-Led Growth Program JETAs are the most effective community change agents Entrepreneurs with the ability and desire gain access to more capital and business support services Transactional 6 Transformational 6 h t l a e W y t i l i b a t S Who We Serve Monthly household income under $2,000 Monthly household income under $3,000 36% 66% 42% Single mothers 97% 7 Do not receive support from any other organization The Results $12M in business loans without ever checking credit repayment rate of loans including the pandemic 99% 96 Net Promoter Score, the highest recorded in the world by 60 Decibels 6,000+ Loans made to Hispanic women in Central Texas 8 71% JUST clients experienced lasting and significant transformation because of JUST 9 of JUST loan operations are former clients Team 100% 88% of JUST staff are women of JUST staff are Hispanic 82% 60% 10 of JUST Board are women Expand Austin Reach 3,000 Hispanic female entrepreneurs in Central Texas rebuilding trust 11 Mobility is created through wealth, not income. 12 12 The Future of Wealth $15M $20M $10 - $100 13 13