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Dr. Rosamaria Murillo Chief Executive Officer August 23, 2022 WHY Meet Camila...she represents the past and future of Latinos The house she holds out to us is a symbol of the contributions of Latinos to this country ---we build homes, universities, communities, we are the builders of the future – we are the teachers, nurses, doctors, ingenieros, constructores, economistas, matematicos. Camila She is our reminder of the work ahead of us She is our hope She is our vision She is our builder We hold ourselves accountable to her….and ask you to join us Together, we will work, lead, walk 1000 miles to our last breath for her wellbeing – this nation depends on her power and her wellbeing….SHE IS the future of our nation – SHE IS the future of this community. Call to action: Equity in funding calls for expansion of opportunities and creation of more choices, so we all thrive. El Buen Samaritano A community where everyone is welcomed, enjoys a sense of belonging, and has full opportunity to reach their highest potential....a community where we all thrive. HEALTH, EDUCATION, ESSENTIAL SERVICES Our Services (March 2020-present) Food Access - 40,000 individuals • Drive-thru food pantry • Partner home delivery • Mobile/pop-up pantries • Community garden Health Access & Referrals • Coordinated Care Network • Women's health and family planning • Adolescent health • COVID-19 vaccines, Education, Outreach Phase 1: 1,300 vaccinated Phase 2: 2,639 vaccinated to date Equity Impact Data • Urban institute • Robert Wood Johnson • St. David’s Foundation Youth Services - 300 youth • Youth Academic Center of Excellence Out of school time services • Summer Camps • Intergenerational Programming Adult Education 600 & CHW Workforce Development 200 • ESL classes • Digital Literacy classes • CHW Workforce Development • LEAD* (Latinas Education Advancement & Development ) • Economic Assistance – 7 Million • Financial Assistance • Rent Assistance • Tenant Stabilization Equity & Impact Equitable access to services across Central Texas • • • This map represents our equity and access efforts— highlighting El Buen’s services footprint. It tells a story about the distance individuals travel to access services as well as how deep we can reach community through partnerships. El Buen's partners are essential to expanding services throughout Central Texas. The majority of El Buen’s clients come from the Eastern Crescent (east of I-35 corridor) to access our services: food, financial & rent assistance, youth and adult education, as well as access to health services. YOUTH ACADEMIC CENTER OF EXCELLENCE YOUTH SERVICES 21st Innovators engaged in their communities leading the way. Youth Academic Center of Excellence – 267 Youth March 2020 to Present Summer Camp • In Person Summer 2022 - 52 Campers • 1st – 2nd : 18 3rd – 5th: 13 6th – 8th : 21 • All Day Summer Camp 2022 • STEM, Arts, Physical Activity • Technology & Comm. Spring/Fall Out of School Time • 30-40 students • Academic Support (tutoring) • Social Emotional Development • Physical Activity & Friday Clubs (STEM, Arts, Cooking) Wrap-around & Family Support • Parent Education Sessions (Diverse Topics) • Health and Mental Health • Medical Home Referrals • Access to basic needs: food, rent, financial assistance Youth Services • Elementary – Middle School • “Puentes” Middle School Transitions to High School • “Avanza: High School and Beyond* (in development) • Intergenerational Technology/Communications Equity & Access • Bi-lingual Services • Access to Technology and Internet (Hot Spots) • Access to low/no cost STEM, Arts camps • Healthy meals and snacks Evidence Based Curriculum • STEM • Arts • Physical Activity • Social Emotional Development • Health* August 2022 - 1000 Backpacks and School Supplies This map outlines the zip codes of youth served by El Buen. Environment Assessment: Most investments are north of HWY71 (with exception of AISD & CIS). Limit access to out of school time support for Latino Immigrant and English Learners Youth. El Buen would like to request funding support for its comprehensive youth services proposal. A STEAM education and leadership program leads to social justice that provides access to academic opportunities for every youth. Community Health Workers....at the heart of all we do! Financial & Rental Assistance • RISE 1 - 2 • RENT • Tenant Stabilization • I Belong in Austin Coordinated Care Network & Health Access • Collaboration with LSCC • Women’s Health & Adolescent Health • Access to Health and Social Services • Diabetes Management Program* • Mental Health Support* Access to Food/Basic Needs • Drive-Thru and Mobile Pantry • Collaboration with Partners • Outreach and Education CHW Leadership Training Center • Since 2012 • Bilingual (English – Spanish) • 160 Certification Program • CHW CEUs Components • Bi-lingual Training Services • 4 Bilingual CHW Instructors • Training in Collaboraitong with Partners • Youth Development – Public Health (Pilot Summer 2023) Best Practices • DSHS – Certified • Social Determinants of Health • ConnectATX and Close Loop Referrals • Living wage CHW Leadership Training Center Certification Program Since 2012 Paused 160 Certification Program due to COVID-19 Restarted the 160-hour Certification Course •Currently in progress of certifying 20, Using Bilingual Curriculum for Austin Voices Block Leaders •Already a waitlist for upcoming Spring Cohort Sep. 2020 Mar. 2020 Aug. 2022 Started CHW CEU Training Series (5 Semesters completed (140 CHWs) Started Training for Austin Voices For Education (30 Block Leaders) CHW Leadership Training Center Continuing Education Training Series El Buen submitted a comprehensive proposal in response to the City’s Procurement under: RFP 2022-003 Community Health Workers. Outcomes of procurement: El Buen would like to request funding support for its comprehensive CHW Programs and Training Center. DSHS Approved Community Health Worker Training Organizations – Region 7 Organization CEUs – CHWs English Spanish El Buen Samaritano (Since 2012) Promo Salud TX AHEC East Cardea Dell SOM Migrant Clinician Network National Center for Farmworker Health DSHS Border Public Health Umemba Health Austin Public Health CHW Certification             online                 Virtural/ Online Options   Only *