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CommUnityCare | Sendero FISCAL YEAR 2023 PROPOSED BUDGET Community Conversations | August 2022 HEALTHCARE EQUITY PLAN (Equity-focused Service Delivery Strategic Plan) HEALTHCARE EQUITY PLAN HEALTHCARE GAPS PROPOSED FY2023 STRATEGIC PRIORITIES Access and capacity Continue eastern Travis County site expansions in Hornsby Bend, Del Valle and Colony Park Development of multispecialty clinic at Rosewood-Zaragosa Care coordination Implementation of Epic electronic health record Member engagement Implementation of MyChart patient portal System of care Develop financial and operational implementation plans Focus on affiliations with healthcare and community partners Continue developing direct clinical practice infrastructure Identify and support critical on-demand operational and administrative capacities THE FISCAL YEAR 2023 BUDGET FY 2023 PROPOSED BUDGET UPDATED JULY 27, 2022 $277,819,831 $192,705,261 $85,114,570 Increase in Healthcare Delivery DESCRIPTIONFY 2022 APPROVED BUDGETFY 2022 YEAR END ESTIMATEFY 2023 PROPOSED BUDGET 07/27/2022TAX RATE0.1118140.1118140.098721SOURCESProperty Taxes260,933,097 260,933,097 281,710,898 Lease Revenue13,422,399 12,300,000 13,145,328 Tobacco Litigation Settlement3,000,000 4,676,730 4,500,000 Other3,000,000 3,323,270 1,500,000 Total Sources280,355,496 281,233,097 300,856,226 USESHealthcare Delivery192,705,261 172,063,536 277,819,831 Administration & Tax Collection15,391,099 12,662,269 21,679,767 Total Uses208,096,360 184,725,805 299,499,598 RESERVESHealthcare Delivery Contingency Reserve(1)(2)226,521,399 *332,391,578 333,748,206 Emergency Reserve38,719,836 38,719,836 38,719,836 *FY 2021 Ending contingency reserve balance was $235,884,286(1) previously reported as an appropriated use of funds in Healthcare Delivery(2) Healthcare Delivery Contingency and Employee Health Insurance Reserves are appropriated for FY2023 Highlights of Significant Increases in Healthcare Delivery $26M increase in Purchased Healthcare Services through contracts $5.7M increase in Direct Healthcare Services $47M increase in Healthcare Operations & Support for projects tied to service expansion 8-Year Forecast Based on FY 2023 Proposed Tax Rate *updated July 2022 Our reserves will ensure we continue expanding healthcare services to better meet the needs of Travis County residents with low income. WHAT YOU CAN DO STAY INFORMED AND INVOLVED • Subscribe for updates: • Visit participate.centralhealth.net/fy2023 and click “subscribe.” • Text “budget” to (833) 382-2226. • Attend upcoming Board and Commissioners' Court meetings: • Aug 31: Central Health Public Hearing • Sept. 7: Central Health Board of Managers Meeting • Sept. 8: Travis County Commissioners Court • Sept. 20: Travis County Commissioners Court QUESTIONS | PREGUNTAS APPENDIX Central Health FY 2023 Proposed Budget Attachment B – Uses of Funds Details DESCRIPTIONFY 2022 APPROVED BUDGETFY 2023 PROPOSED BUDGET 07/27/2022HEALTHCARE DELIVERYIntergovernmental transfers:IGT - CCC DSRIP15,509,298 - Total Intergovernmental Transfers15,509,298 - Purchased Healthcare ServicesPrimary Care: Medical, Dental, & Behavioral Health 63,090,000 66,111,822 Specialty Care: including Specialty Dental17,175,000 23,488,000 Specialty Care: Behavioral Health1,383,856 12,000,000 Post Acute Care2,125,000 5,450,000 Pharmacy14,250,000 16,000,000 Community Health Care Initiatives Fund875,000 1,750,000 Purchased Healthcare Services98,898,856 124,799,822 Direct Healthcare ServicesPodiatry755,400 Cardiology838,129 Neurology362,518 Gastroenterology465,033 Nephrology196,085 Pulmonology228,364 Diagnostics and Clinical Expenses2,832,170 Direct Healthcare Services Total- 5,677,699 MAP Eligibility - Increase in eligibility period2,000,000 2,000,000 Total Healthcare Services100,898,856 132,477,521 Central Health FY 2023 Proposed Budget Attachment B – Uses of Funds Details DESCRIPTIONFY 2022 APPROVED BUDGETFY 2023 PROPOSED BUDGET 07/27/2022HEALTHCARE DELIVERYHealthcare Operations & SupportACA Healthcare Premium Assistance Programs13,319,929 14,648,261 ACA Education and Enrollment583,000 588,000 Real Estate and Campus Redevelopment5,303,564 3,714,777 UT land lease for teaching hospital981,231 1,027,277 Salary and Benefits18,866,066 25,487,440 Legal339,000 433,000 Consulting840,000 1,740,000 Other professional goods & services9,244,346 8,138,035 Outreach and Education942,274 1,428,000 Leased Facilities, Security and Maintenance1,947,000 2,348,500 Insurance and Risk Management142,000 250,000 Phones, Computer Equipment and Utilities3,293,473 6,399,775 Printing, Copying, Postage and Signage384,056 620,305 Travel, training and professional development280,966 847,752 Other operating expenses39,741 174,445 Health Care Capital Line of Credit1,091,773 500,000 Debt service - principal retirement4,060,000 4,345,000 Debt service - interest2,092,676 1,651,744 Transfer to capital reserve12,546,013 49,000,000 Total Healthcare Operations76,297,107 123,342,310 UT Affiliation Agreement- 22,000,000 Total Healthcare Delivery192,705,261 277,819,831 Central Health FY 2023 Proposed Budget Attachment B – Uses of Funds Details DESCRIPTIONFY 2022 APPROVED BUDGETFY 2023 PROPOSED BUDGET 07/27/2022ADMINISTRATIONSalary and Benefits7,134,758 8,662,159 Legal1,456,636 2,756,636 Consulting1,341,120 1,636,520 Investment Services (Travis County)115,000 115,000 Benefits and Payroll Administration Services168,243 356,266 Other professional goods & services819,787 1,156,850 Marketing and Communications209,958 184,098 Leases, Security and Maintenance274,250 929,200 Insurance and Risk Management375,000 455,000 Phones, Computer Equipment and Utilities401,716 629,573 Printing, Copying, Postage and Signage60,745 54,725 Travel, training and professional development370,789 439,605 Other operating expenses492,244 156,485 Appraisal District Svcs1,179,284 1,155,350 Tax Collection Expense991,569 992,300 Cash held for self insured employee health benefits- 2,000,000 Total Administration & Tax Collection15,391,099 21,679,767 TOTAL USES208,096,360 299,499,598 BUDGET CALENDAR ✓ May 11 Central Health Strategic Planning Committee Meeting (FY 2023 Strategic Priorities) ✓ May 25 Central Health Board of Managers (FY 2023 Central Health Long Term Forecast) ✓ June 15 Central Health Board of Managers Meeting (FY 2023 Central Health Capital Planning and Property Tax Exemptions) ✓ June 9-23 Community Conversations (Central Health Equity Focused Service Delivery Strategic Plan) ✓ July 27 Central Health Board of Managers Meeting (FY2023 Central Health Proposed Budget) • Aug 1-19 Community Conversations (FY2023 Proposed Budget) BUDGET CALENDAR • Aug 10 • Aug 24 • Aug 31 • Sept. 7 Central Health Budget & Finance Committee Meeting (FY2023 Central Health Proposed Budget) Central Health Board of Managers Meeting (FY2023 Central Health Proposed Budget and vote on maximum tax rate) • Aug 30* Travis County Commissioners Court (FY2023 Central Health Proposed Budget and tax rate) Central Health Public Hearing (FY2023 Central Health Proposed Budget and tax rate) Central Health Board of Managers Meeting (FY2023 Central Health Budget and Tax Rate Adopted; CCC Budget Approval) • Sept. 20* Travis County Commissioners Court (FY2023 Central Health Budget and Tax Rate Adopted)