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Item 7- Customer Assistance Program Briefing — original pdf

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Customer Assistance Program Overview Kerry Overton Deputy General Manager & Chief Customer Officer June 10, 2024 © Austin Energy City of Austin Utilities Nationally Recognized Customer Assistance Programs Utility Bill Discounts Automatic enrollment for those on assistance programs and manual enrollment for those with incomes at or below 200% of federal poverty level. Weatherization Assistance No-cost home energy improvements to qualifying customers with low-to- moderate incomes. Medically Vulnerable Registry Special support services for those with critical or long-term illness. Financial Support Plus 1 Emergency financial help for customers having temporary difficulty paying utility bills. Customers may also contribute to this fund via their monthly utility bills. 2 Customer Assistance Programs Community-Based, Wrap-Around Support Services Account Management • Account Oversight • Custom Payment Options • Evaluations Outreach • Community Partner Network Events • Community Sponsored Case Management • In Home Site Visits • Basic Needs Assessment • Basic Needs Referral • Education Classes 3 CAP Discount Program Provides bill discounts to City of Austin utility customers on low or fixed incomes who participate in certain state, federal or local assistance programs. CAP Video ENG Video ESP 4 Achieving Success – Serving Those In Need Current Expansion • Monthly enrollment data from Texas Health and Human Services Commission • Staff identified additional programs at or below 200% federal poverty level to expand Future Expansion • Continue working with school districts • Continue working with state and local partners • Identify additional qualifying programs with participants not captured in existing programs 5 Expanding Access to CAP Discounts 83,700 t n e m l l o r n E t n u o c s D P A C i 90000 80000 70000 60000 50000 40000 30000 63,732 66,960 53,100 33,140 42,780 Goal Actual Forecast 6 Smart Thermostat Attic Insultation Air Ducts Austin Energy No Cost Weatherization Offers home energy improvements to qualifying low-income customers. These improvements lower energy costs and improve indoor comfort and air quality, making homes healthier and safer. CAP Discount Program participants are automatically income qualified for and referred to the Weatherization Program. Carbon Monoxide Detector Weatherstripping Solar Screens 7 ©Austin Energy. All rights reserved. Austin Energy and the Austin Energy logo and combinations thereof are trademarks of Austin Energy, the electric department of the City of Austin, Texas. Other names are for informational purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners.